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RE: An open invitation to...Everyone

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Lego Style....

Roses are Red - Legos are Too - We need some Video - Shot just by You.

Video of Projects - Narrated while nude - With Grouchy singing show tunes - And acting really rude .

But no worries mate - He's an Awesome little guy - Even tho He's only 3 inches high.

With Oreos dipped in an Awesome Legit Brew - We sit and we ponder - What Next will G-man do.?

The Gimble will correct - All the Errors You do - So record it now bro - Before Steem goes TRON dude.

Shitty I know - The poetry I spew - But read it You must - For a good laugh or 2.

I will stop now - cuz My poetry is crude - My brains starting to hurt - And I sound like a Fool..... Lmao

I wanna hear Jonboy do some redneck poetry.... @janton