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RE: An open invitation to...Everyone

in LEGO11 months ago

Hmm, Mega Bloks dildo posting...I think I might need to draw the line there...Not the dildo part, the Mega Bloks and K'nex posting...Lego wannabe's I reckon. If you make a Lego dildo then post away, Duplo also. You might also want to do some supporting video...Lol.


Woooah. K'nex is not a wannabe, you could actually probably make a working vibrator or fleshlight with those. You find me a working sex toy out of Lego's, you can't do it, except for those people who probably use them for sounding. But, those people are insane and don't count.

I'm not sure I have enough time in my life to go on an Indiana Jones-style Lego sex toy hunt.