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Now my Mack Anthem is complete it's time to start thinking about the next build. I considered a few models, back before Christmas, and made a purchase when they had a really good discount on offer. [G-dog taps his head with a finger and thinks up here for thinking...Saved some cash which keeps my wallet, and wife, happy.]

Wishing to stay with the automotive theme for the moment I chose the 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader as pictured here. src

It's a pretty cool model, quite large as with most Lego Technic and with the added feature of remote control. That's right rockstars, this one operates from a smart phone!

It actually has 3 motors and is operated by a smartphone app called Lego Technic Control+ App. The app not only steers it forward and backwards but gives speed and tilt information in real-time as one is driving around. YESSSSS! Exciting huh? Come on, you know it is.

The huge off road tyres (tires), ground clearance and off-road high-lift independent suspension is suited for rough terrain and I'll be testing that out, and videoing it with a new toy I purchased yesterday...You'll have to wait for another post to hear about that.

The 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader measures in at over 7” (19cm) high, 12” (33cm) long and 8” (22cm) wide, not quite big enough for me to ride on, but close.

Just because it's cool I've added in a video from Lego so you can see the off-roader in action. There's others on YouTube as well if you're keen. Click here for the video.

Whilst on YouTube I also found this cool trick to make the vehicle a more capable rock-crawler, which essentially means it's geared lower to cope with rocky terrain. In a real vehicle a lever or button would do that, but in this model it requires a couple of physical gear changes but it looks simple enough.

You can take a look here. I'll build mine to spec then probably give this upgrade a go to see what difference it makes.

There's only 958 parts to this build however I think it's going to be fun, the build and post-build when I play the hell out of it! As usual I'll keep you apprised of the build process and will use the new LEGO Community to do so. Click here to join LEGO Community. Do it, do it now! Lol.

Ok, you don't have to do it, but it would be cool if you do. Feel free to post also, even if you don't love Lego, if you have something to say, Lego-related, that's the place to say it.

Join the LEGO Community and don't forget to use #hive-142010 as your post as the first tag.

Thanks for reading...And remember...If you have to go...LEGO!

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Fun fun fun is all I think about this Lego kit.

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Haha, I'm like a big kid with this one for sure. Really looking forward to getting it rolling and hitting some tracks with it. Did you see the video about the gearing? It's pretty cool that it can be geared down for rock-crawling. I'll give that a go for sure.

Those boffins at Lego sure have some smarts I think and here's another example of cool engineering skills. Should be fun to build and play with.


Yes that's an easy peasy gearing change👍

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Damn that looks cool hehe. I actually looked around for an eco car lately, and yes, for me it’s All about the monster trucks as well :)

I off road a lot and so need four wheel drives meaning diesal engines and poor environmental impact I guess. Although I was only speaking with my brother a few days ago about full electtic cars and I certainly see one in my life for my next town car. When I go away in my Landcruiser I know I'll get 1200km of range from the tank and here in Australia that's required, eventually they'll improve battery life of the electric cars though and they will be come more of an option.

Anyhow, Backnto Lego. Cool model huh? I'm really looking forward to seeing it move about by itself as that adds a different element to the build. I haven't started the build yet but will get to it soon and I'm thinking of also doing a time-lapse video for some of it...Not sure how that would come out though. Thanks for commenting.


I definitely hear what your saying. I mean electric cars and all, but they are price, and if you need to cover big distances you need a petroleum engine

You should definitely make a time lapse video that would be cool. I’m guessing your gonna turn your home into a racing track as well ? Better do that when wife’s at work though hehe.

When I was around 11 years old or so me and my friend bought some bad ass monster trucks. We stole sand from the play ground sand box and made racing tracks in the forest. Damn that was fun. That kind of fun is something that never gets old, it’s always there, just have to find it and let it out. Damn I think I really do need to buy a new RC car haha

Stealing sand, race tracks in the forest and RC monster trucks...Sounds like a legit youth, well spent! I like it.

I was going to take the car into the pine forest of scrubland and make it off-road. It's actually not a very fast model so I think it will be better in an off road scenario, with a GoPro attached. Plus, not turning my house into a race track will be good for my health - My wife won't have to kill me. 🤣

P.s. I'm hoping the price of electric cars comes down when I want to buy one. I'd also consider hybrid but would prefer full electric.

Yea same here. I can’t wait the second hand market starts getting more electric cars and I will buy one for sure. It’s crazy expensive to have a car. I probably spend more money on my car than my house. Something is wrong with that picture

EXACTLY...When cars start costing more than houses it's time to address the situation...Same with the bottled water situation...Costs more than fuel.

Yea the market is a bit twisted. Now everyone has started leasing cars instead as it’s too expensive to buy one. They say the next crisis might be help get triggered because of these leases. It doesn’t sound like a lot per month, but if the economy slow down and you’re stuck in a 3 -5 year plan you’re a bit screwed. If you buy it you can atleast sell it if times get tough

Buying things with cash at hand doesn't seem to be the way does it. A house I understand, but a car, watch, handbag, make up, holiday etc. Not legit. That's leshit.

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This just reminded me of a few large Lego Creator box sets I have in storage to sell. I didn't find them outside, but have to flip them. Seriously, everywhere I look in my place I see more Legos I forgot about.

Lego coming out of your ears! Lol.

Do a post about them, tag #hive-142010 and also #lego and see what happens. I'll do a post as discussed before in the next few days, about your selling Lego.

Looks pretty awesome.

Would the new toy be a GoPro?

Could be fun to livestream from a GoPro mounted on the Off-Roader...

It's cool huh?

I have a GoPro already and will be doing a video with it mounted to the 4x4, and the Landrover Defender I also built. So no...But it was a good guess though! All will be revealed....When I get time to post about it...Right now I'm off to my therapist for a session...OK, that means gun range. 😂

Happy shooting...

Always. Have a good weekend yourself. ✅

Darn it you made me drool while watching that video. Well I will have to wait a while to be able to purchase something that awesome.

That looks pretty cool. Especially with the controllable motors. Crazy video showing it working.

I'm keen to see how it all comes together, the engineering of it. Of course playing with it will be cool too, but I enjoy the building stage also and I think this one will be cool incorporating the motors etc.

I assume Lego put additional engineering into the strength of this one, the rigidity, as they know it's going to be mobile. It'll be interesting to see.

Thanks for commenting.

Remote control plus Lego is pretty damn cool XD though you'll have to remember not to crunch that one into things too hard ;D

Yes, it's cool, and yes I thought of that too. Not keen to spend all those hours building only to destroy it in one ill-begotten 4x4 incident. Lol.

That looks like a real beauty of a machine! I can’t wait to see your progress. :)

It's going to be cool. Planning a video of it off-roading too, but don't want to talk it up too much. Lol.

Can't wait. This seems pretty neat, so you not only get to build with Legos, but you also get to play with it like an RC car? Now that's awesome. I hope to see the build start off soon, and I appreciate you for using the proper spelling for tyres!

Haha, yeah I sometimes use tires in brackets so Americans know what I'm talking about but as I was educated in Australia we use a more British spelling.

Mum (mom), grey (gray), honour (honor), tyres (tires) etc.

This build is going to be cool and yes, I'll be RC 4x4ing as soon as it's complete. Should be starting in a day or so.

Great, can't wait to see the build! Given that it's made out of Legos, I imagine that it'll be just as indestructible as a regular RC car.

That looks too cool. Lego keeps coming out with more fun things.

Lego is life. 😂

Very very cool sir galenkp! Man, that is a tough looking build, I love it. This one won't take near as long to build either.

It's coming together well. Another enjoyable build.