Lego Community moves to HIVE

in LEGOlast year

Everyone knows bees need a hive, even Lego ones do! That's why the Lego Community is moving to HIVE - It just makes sense.

We hope to see you there, catching the same buzz Lego seems so capable of providing, and sharing your awesomeness with the community.


I didn't know there is such a LEGO community, even tho I posted a lot about LEGO and am a huge AFOL! Is there a Discord too? @galenkp

Hi @bafi, thanks for your reply. Yes, there is a Lego Community and we welcome you to join and post there. We do not have a a discord though, to be honest I'm flat out trying to keep up with my real world job, posting on HIVE and living life in general...I have to draw the line somewhere. Still, feel free to post on the Lego Community and interact in that way. We'll be pleased to have you on board.

Haha, yes! I was wondering how my favourite Communities are doing with the whole hard-fork thing. I don't have many Legos, but I do have some Lego-related things that I might want to talk about soon! Is the Lego Community still active on Steem, or has that been abandoned?

P.S. Those Lego bees are adorable! Also, I've been playing some ol' Half Life recently, and I kept calling you G-Man 😅

Hey mate, if it's even remotely about Lego then go ahead and post!

The Lego Community is still on steem, but I'm hardly there, Someone may post there I guess. Maybe I'll duplicate hove Lego posts there too. We'll see.

I'm called the G-man here by some, or just G. I get called a lot of things...Not all good either. Lol.

So long as I get to see you and Grouchy up to no good, I will follow you. Follow you wherever you may go. There isn't an ocean too deep. A mountain so high it can keep me away.

Haha...well, stay tuned because Grouchy is always up to no good!

Buzz buzz! Great to see you here!

Hey mate, happy to be here. Going to get some posts up soon...All this working from home business has me a bit busy though.

looks like a good case of hive network hope we dont get sick from hives

Nah, most will probably die from COVID-19 before hives get them. Still, I heard Lego is the great cure-all so best get some and live for ever!

Cool, going to get involved in this community for sure. Will have some LEGO photography stuff to post up with a bit of luck (check back in my blog for some older stuff)

Looking forward to it. I've already checked back on your blog. 😉