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20200728_144714 2.jpg

This is not what it looks like .. a butt sniffing session...

Cats are just rearranging themselves after I came in the room to take their picture...

20200728_144747 2.jpg

They were laying peacefully when I disturbed them...

20200728_144748 2.jpg

Alright there might have been a little bit of the heinie smelling..


Attention all cat lovers ... Use the Tag #catsnaps when you have great pictures of your cats or any cat and have little to say about the pictures ... #catsnaps is looking for cat eye-candy ...

Story of the Manorville cats ...


Very funny!! You should not wake them up!

Yes... something about letting sleeping lions alone.. :-)

Beautiful all those cats, I hug and kiss them, interesting about the tag #catsnaps and community I already joined, greetings

Thanks @actioncats

Lol..that was pretty funny @manorvillemike about the hiney or heinie smelling! I love your photos and I bet they do love that spot by the window! 💖

So far I am able to juggle 11 cats in the house and keep my sanity...😊

Beautiful cats!

Thanks 😊

Nice to see them all getting on 👍

Knock on wood :-)

You really have a beautiful handful of cats 😸