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20200713_093033 2.jpg

Boss cat Scary Mary basking in the sun while Betty & Mommy can only dream of being where Mary is....

20200713_093112 2.jpg

At least Mommy can get an angled glance out the window...


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Story of the Manorville cats ...


Ha ha, that is too funny. Scary Mary should have a little cat tower there on that shelf for herself and momma can be on the ledge. Just saying! What's one more little tower gonna hurt.

That's a good idea💡 @sunscape .. Got to part with the 1960's phonograph / radio piece of furniture first... 😊

Haha, you remind me of my mom, she still had one with an 8-track too. She also had a few cases of unopened tracks she saved in case they would be worth something someday. Kitties rule now, so I vote for cat trees.

Yeah I have a few things that should leave... or I need a warehouse to store them in... 😊

I am right there with you. The more I get rid of the more I tell my husband we need to clear out. We wonder where it all came from, lol.

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Very funny! Mommy should just sit on the spare space!!

You could set up a transparent divider like anti-Covid screen in restaurant! Haha.

Have to get permission from Scary Mary first....🙀

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