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RE: 🙊 Monkey-B Introduces Birambi 🥒....Sort Of

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Bilimbi fruits, we have bilimbi tree in our backyard (Philippines), and Oh my gosh when it bear fruits, its plenty plenty and so sour. We usually use it for cooking sour soup. A natural sour additives.
Wow, i have never seen a child eating bilimbi, amazing!
Love your video. Greetings from UAE.


Under normal circumstances, Monkey-B wouldn't eat a birambi (bilimbi), but I think she was trying to prove her adult-ness for the Hive. Her sour face is unforgettable. I have never thought to cook with this fruit, but I've used it many chutneys and sauces for a sour flavor.

Thanks for stopping by @sherylneil.