Growing Capsicum Challenges Ahead

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It has been a few weeks since I have last updated this tiny fella's progress.

After a few failure to pollinate properly or the pollinated fruit dropped off because of lack of nutrients, heavy rain, and recent new attacks of spider mites and the old nemesis mealy bugs, finally the little tree has one successful fruit and currently it is growing healthily so far so good. 😁🤞🏻

However despite of it growing bigger by the day, we have still no idea whether this is going to be a green, yellow, red or purple Capsicum; because there were so many seedlings, dad just took one of them (and totally didn't see the labels) and plated it on along with another (which we have no idea what colour was that too)..

I am not sure what will happen if pollination just so happened to be two different colours what will happen haha.

We can only patiently wait. If it is really green then I have no idea how to detect whether it is ripe later 😂

Does anyone know how to identify a ripen green Capsicum?

In the mean time it is just a delight to see it bathing under the morning sun with sheltered leaves to keep it from being roasted.

Now I need to figure out how to deal with the new enemy. Spider mites. I have no idea where they come from suddenly.

Anyone has a pesticide free method?

At the moment I just cut the infected leaves off. Hopefully the little fella will grown some new leaves that are not infected later.

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