🙊 Monkey-B Introduces Birambi 🥒....Sort Of

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Monkey-B has been quite jealous of her big sister SreyYuu getting all the fame and glory for the @KidSisters profile.

In SreyYuu's defense, she has done 97% of the work so far, and Monkey-B's spelling, reading and writing just aren't up to par yet.

🙈 Monkey-B's Shyness 🙊

     Monkey-B's Mavis Beacon typing skills are pretty good, and she can even spell 30 or more English , but it's just not enough to make a post on Hive all by herself, as much as she wishes she could.

     She is the one that requested to make a video for Hive and 3Speak, but refused to do it alone, so I had to overcome a bit of my shyness too.

😝 The Birambi 🥒

     The birambi fruit grows all over the world in the tropical and subtropical regions, and it is SOUR!! In Cambodia it is known as "tralung tung."

     This fruit is loaded with citric acid, and you can really taste it, but there are also some alkaline qualities. It is a really weird fruit, and you have to eat it to experience it, just look at my face.

     Not even all of our family members will eat the birambi. But if we choose to partake, there is more than an abundance of this fruit on our landlord's tree.

our landlord's birambi tree


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Monkey B



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:) sweet little girl 🌸

Our Monkey-B brings us so many laughs every day. Thanks @rozku.

Haha, I watch this video I want to laugh myself.

It's okay, we're all shy on camera.

Hi Monkey-B.
I'm six years old too.
The most young children here.
Nice to meet you. :-)
I can't eat chili. I got burned. :-(

Thanks @kidz, Monkey-B likes chili-salt with fruit and also chilies in her food, but we have to cut them very small.

Brave girl. :-)

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Thank-you Monkey-B for initiating the video to share about the fruits you have there! Those do not grow here but we have a lot of berries that grow wild around our area - free for the picking!

I’ll let her know, thanks @porters. Monkey-B has had her share of berries in Ecuador. The varied climate there produces all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I’ve seen her consume 2kg of rambutans in one sitting at 2 years old.

We don’t call her Monkey-B for nothing after all.

Bilimbi fruits, we have bilimbi tree in our backyard (Philippines), and Oh my gosh when it bear fruits, its plenty plenty and so sour. We usually use it for cooking sour soup. A natural sour additives.
Wow, i have never seen a child eating bilimbi, amazing!
Love your video. Greetings from UAE.

Under normal circumstances, Monkey-B wouldn't eat a birambi (bilimbi), but I think she was trying to prove her adult-ness for the Hive. Her sour face is unforgettable. I have never thought to cook with this fruit, but I've used it many chutneys and sauces for a sour flavor.

Thanks for stopping by @sherylneil.