WednesdayWalk: Visiting My Little Farm That Really Makes Me Smile😇

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Hello Hivers and ASEAN HIVE Community!!!

This will be my very first post for the #ASEANHIVECommunity and definitely love the initiative of making this Community for the ASEAN Nations.

This is my #WednesdayWalk Challenge by @tattoodjay in collaboration with #MakeMeSmile by @elizacheng which will show my activities for today's walk and the intention of bringing fun and smile.


For today's walk, I've started it at approximately 7:00 O'Clock in the morning in which my daily activity is to visit my little farm were almost 10 minutes to walk from my house.


Along the way to my farm, I saw some beautiful flowers that caught up my eyes, then I captured some photo of it. It is not a typical type of flower that someone takes cared for.

I arrived at my farm at around 7:15 A.M and captured some photos of my planted Corns which now started to have its fruits and soon to be a harvest. I've also some vegetables and crops planted which looks very good at the moment.


I have also had newly planted bananas which now started to grow, I have planted this for almost 3 months from now.


Shown also are my planted Cassava which I planted 5 months ago and look at them, they've grown very well and can't wait for the time came for harvest.


As I walk to the whole area of my farm, I've also checked the other farm not too far from me and there is an abandoned piggery but as I got near, I saw my nephews playing, running over the wall of the piggery and that brings me scared of them, knowing that it is not safe for them.

But as I told them to stop, they never followed me, so I decided to watch for them for a while until they stop playing and thank God never happened unto them.

Overall, my #WednesdayWall for today is great and really #MakeMeSmile, I saw my planted crops and vegetables were in good condition and even though I saw my nephews playing which bring me scared their safety and that's a blessing for me and I will thank God for that.


Thanks to @kennyroy for
the animated GIF.

To God be the Glory!!!


Wow! Is this really your farm with your family? I love it!!! We can leave like this while using advanced technology like #HIVE!...

Yes bro, it's not that too big.

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Your welcome. 😊

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Ganda tubo ng mais mo sarap isugba.

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What a cool walk, glad your nephews were ok they did look a bit risky

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yes they were but I was watching over them while playing.😇

Well thats good and caring

Have a great day :)

Thank you, same to you as well.

Cheers "_)

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Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

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Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

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@JustinParke here on behalf of ASEAN Hive Community.

Thanks for your first post within this community. Your #WednesdayWalk looks like a very green one. For a minute I thought those pig pens were a former graveyard.

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Thanks for a warmed welcome, no those were abandoned already for many years and now, see my nephews were playing that makes me scared of them.

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Beautiful garden.