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Yesterday I received a text from my second daughter's class teacher. Her teacher will be going to school on Saturday to mark the homework. So today I need to help my girl to pass up her homework.

The sun was really up and shining bright. I was so lazy to go out. The weather was really HOT! So I waited. After lunch, still high up in the sky the sun.

I waited again... Finally the clouds started to come out and the sun decided to take a short break. I quickly drove out to her school at about 2pm. And passed up her homework.

These are the two photos I took when I came back from school. I took then at my usual parking space. Not very cloudy but at least there are some clouds... White clouds blue sky... Totally love this combination...


Quite a clear reflection on the tiles... So I shot it.


13th Friday... Is coming to an end now here... How's your Friday so far? Wish all of you a good weekend ahead. Stay safe!

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It looks very peaceful there. It such crazy times we all need to take a second and look at the clouds.

I envy you for the warm weather! We got 8" of snow today. Brrrrr.

Well I guess many of us who are in the tropical countries would sometimes love the cold winter you have and on the other hand, you would like to have the hot sun for a change...
I hereby virtually send some of the heat here to you...
Stay warm.


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