My Little Artist Series 002-2021

in ASEAN Hivelast month

Another week almost gone... Less than 6 hours it will be Friday...

Today is the second day of their new school term... Attending online classes... My girls have gotten used to this since last year... Now they just need to get use to new friends and teachers...

Today I received an email from my little Vinnie... Ya, you heard (uhm... "see" me correctly). Even I myself was surprised to receive this email... 😁😉😄


Super cute... I quickly asked Vinnie... Did she draw this herself? She said it's from Halley, her eldest sister... She just sent the email... I didn't teach her to send email, nope, not yet... I am really amazed and surprised by this!

The drawing is awesome too... But I am wondering why is the mom not smiling... 🤔🤔🤔

But then I am still very very very very very happy to receive this! Do you think I can make this into an NFT? Hmmmmm... How do I go about this??? Any idea???

I am gonna explore about this...

Happy Thursday everyone!!!❤️❤️❤️

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