Some of the good things in life

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Some of the good things may still happen during a very challenging situation. Me and a few of my friends decided to buy a lottery ticket, and guess what? We got a consolation price? With the amount of money we shared, and the pay out split, we're getting back of 1/7 of our investments. Well, it was fun chasing after the numbers though!


KFC is rather clear, I was first to be there, there's not much food there, I'll have to quietly, patiently wait for my food to be ready. Enjoying the aircondition all by myself. The staff is actually very busy at the back kitchen.


Packed my food and drinks to the office, and there's not much people in the office as well. I get a chance to sit down and enjoy my food, check on my blog and start replying some friends. I was left unattended there for my entire breakfast. Bun is soft, chicken is spicy, porridge is super hot, coffee is fragrant and how can I say this is not a better life?


By lunch, since we can't dine in, so I went to the Bamboo Restaurant, got myself a triple mixed dish. Roasted chicken, roasted pork belly, and BBQ pork. I'm not going to lie, I had better(so much better than this), but for the price of 10 bucks, seriously?! Look at the amount of meat! Follow by that, is a tall coffee, Chinese restaurant version of latte.


I know I know, there's so many unexpected situation. It's not like we can control them. The numbers of sick people keeps on piling up, and dead body increasing. Other than make everyday count, I don't know what can I tell you, or to make you happy. But if we look at the bright side, there are still so many good things in life we should pay attention to. The window view, for example.


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I grew up only an hour from Colonel Sanders home in Kentucky. I am always amazed at the corners of the Earth Kentucky reaches through the KFC brand. If it wasn't for KFC, I doubt any foreigners would even know the word "Kentucky."

Thanks for posting in ASEAN Hive btw.

Thanks buddy! I have made ASEAN HIVE my new home now, but ofcourse I will not use it when I have anything to rant about. For your information, the word "Kentucky" has 2 different calling in Chinese words. 肯德基 is meant for the fried chicken store, and 肯塔基 is meant for the state of America. Funny isn't it. Do some digging, you'll find even more interesting stories of how Kentucky Fried Chicken is no longer exist. I'm deeply mesmerized by the story of KFC, I know there's way better fried chicken out there, but I will still come back to KFC for that homme boy taste.

Oh and one more thing, KFC has been on my bucket list on all my overseas travel. By far, I couldn't forget my KFC experience in Thailand Bangkok. Other than the Colonel recipe, they have a localized version of Thai spicy chicken, super fragrant and the lime and pepper smell makes you feel like crying, burning, triggering your saliva glen, as if you're going to pee your pants but you just can't stop eating it.