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Thanks buddy! I have made ASEAN HIVE my new home now, but ofcourse I will not use it when I have anything to rant about. For your information, the word "Kentucky" has 2 different calling in Chinese words. 肯德基 is meant for the fried chicken store, and 肯塔基 is meant for the state of America. Funny isn't it. Do some digging, you'll find even more interesting stories of how Kentucky Fried Chicken is no longer exist. I'm deeply mesmerized by the story of KFC, I know there's way better fried chicken out there, but I will still come back to KFC for that homme boy taste.

Oh and one more thing, KFC has been on my bucket list on all my overseas travel. By far, I couldn't forget my KFC experience in Thailand Bangkok. Other than the Colonel recipe, they have a localized version of Thai spicy chicken, super fragrant and the lime and pepper smell makes you feel like crying, burning, triggering your saliva glen, as if you're going to pee your pants but you just can't stop eating it.