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This is the nearby suburb of Kepong, very near to my house. I went to this place to get lunch for the family today, and noticed the newly build medium rail transit system is almost ready, and time to time I can see new train passes by.


Had a huge bowl of curry noodle from the nearby restaurant for breakfast. I was originally wanted to walk over, since the government doesn't allow me to workout outdoor, I can actually use going to get food as an excuse? I'm gonna try that tomorrow!


Highlight of the day, was my friend KK, whom used to be my client, now he's a cab driver, came to my house with his taxi and bring me along going out for a business outing.


This little silver SUV is our sole purpose of going out. The car belongs to one of my old friend, used to be my manager back then. She's married, have her own other cars and business used van, so the SUV were left unattended for 2 years. And finally decided to sell it off. So, we need to go there and get the paperwork done.


KK were very happy with the deal, offered me commission, but I declined. It's not easy for him since the pandemic has taken his business away. He can no longer operate his car dealing business, and had to resort to driving cab.


He insisted to at least buy me dinner. But, it's lockdown, we can't possibly sitting down at restaurant for dinner. So, in the end we went for the night market and got ourselves a bunch of crazily good food, which I forgot to take photo. By the time I realized it, there were nothing left for photography session.


The railways in my country are forever and still not done. it is probably over 10 years of construction

Don't bother. We have the next best thing, motorbike 🤣

Here we also choose motorbikes as a means of transportation. But now I prefer to walk or tram

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Mee kari tu nampak sedap 🤤

Memang sedop. Ah Cheng laksa pun halal kan? Not sure, I heard bukan semua outlet halal.

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Well, it looks like some people are still venturing out in the world regardless of the situation. Shame your friend has to resort to cab-driving for now, but I guess many of us have made some extreme life changes to get through the pandemic.

This is how a corrupted country function. They issue a lockdown order, but allowing you to still go out. If got caught, each of them get fine 1,500. Isn't that a good way to make money? And those shops are allowed to open until 10pm, but they didn't say what time they must go home. So, some of the shops doesn't realized, and closed at 10, by the time they finish packing up, the authority came and issue a 50,000 fine. Dude, it's not RP. 😂 MYR is about 0.25 to a dollar.

As for that friend, he's taking it complacently, not an easy transition I believe. But after yesterday's meet, I now have a better understanding of how cab driver function during this pandemic season. He's actually doing not bad, probably better than me. LOL. I'm now thinking of investing into a cab and get a taxi license for myself, in case if I lose my job, I will start driving!

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