Night Cap | Draw a Day Challenge September 14

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I love to see the Draw a Day community encouraging creativity with art prompts, just as I used to do with old @artstorm (unfortunately I could not keep it up).
This is a great collaborative effort guys, well done.

Here's a doodle I did for Night Cap. It's inspired by another similar artwork. I love it because it incorporates two meanings of the word .. a hot drink at night, and an actual hat you wear to bed :)

I snuck in the final prompt from @dinglehopper 's list this week which was themed Nocturnal.


This is beautiful and this is the last prompt I failed to make 😊

Thank you!

Thanks @leysa for your support. This drawing looks warm and cozy look at that drink is that a hot cup of choco? ☕😍

It sure is, yummmm! Thanks!