Draw A Day Challenge September 23: Pinky The Piglet

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It is the second day for this list of prompts for Draw A Day Challenge . This week we pay tribute to the characters of the longest running comics making contest that I know which is Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest. This is a good opportunity to those participating in the said comics contest because this is a chance to practice drawing each character one day at a time. That is good for seven days. Good luck everyone hope we will be able to commit to it.

I will be using my usual style of drawing just like in my comics. Here you see Pinky the order loving piglet. She always wears her favourite scarf and she loves cooking for the rest of the gang. She is meticulous and a bit of perfectionist. That is my idea of her character. If you want to join in this drawing challenge here is the list once again.
If you have questions let me know on the comments. Hope you join and subscribe to the Draw A Day Challenge Community

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Thank you that means a lot to me already

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