[News / Newslink] Police can enter private houses without warrant, mandatory masks on the street and app proposition, new lock-down in sight

Well this is one that i wasn't expecting (or maybe i was), but just after hearing about the hypothesis of "mandatory masks" and "mandatory app" i read that the police has now the ability to:
"Enter private houses without warrant in case there is evidence of propagation of corona like an infected person trowing a party, or a non-infected person trowing a party with more than the allowed number of people that are not family".

This comes from a law which is about "spreading contagious disease" and the penalty is up to 8 years in prison, and aggravated by civil disobedience.

As in the first lock-down it is implied the "duty of collaboration, the following of orders or instructions from authorities from the population".

(photo is my own)

Portugal is now in a calamity state with a lot of measures still in place (with alot of commerce closing down), and now on the edge of an emergency state (again) aka lock-down.

This comes after the President of the Republic says he is considering mandatory curfew, and the Prime-Minister says that "if the population does not help contain the pandemic, we might go back to an emergency state".

The context of this is also as 2 measures are going to be discussed and voted in Parliament in the 23rd Out 2020:

  • Mandatory masks in work, school, academic contexts and where it is not possible to maintain social distance, this includes outdoor spaces (aka street).
  • Mandatory mobile contact tracing app, as the previous contexts and only in equipment that allow for it to be installed.

The prime-minister said after critics that he hates to be authoritarian but the pandemic must be contained.