Vaxxed - All the truth about vaccination - Censored everywhere !

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I don't usually upload videos that are not created by me, but I decided to upload this video because it's censored everywhere !

This video is created by Robert De Niro.

The movie shows all the truth about vaccination.

I didn't know that vaccination is that dangerous and how parents suffered from that. I'm a parent myself and I don't want to vaccinate my kid anymore.

I think this topic is very actual to talk about. If so many people are talking about the danger of this. If it's so much censored, so there is a truth about that for sure !

If simple people can't change things, at least we can share the truth. The more truth we share, the more people will know about that and maybe the situation will change in the future !

Now with the spread of this coronavirus, they want even to vaccinate adult people. That could be very dangerous. We don't know the effect of that, we don't know what exactly they put in those vaccines.

We were trusting the medicine a lot. We thought they do everythin to save our lives and to take care of our kids.

It's so sad that this all is monetized. So, many people suffered from that and keep suffering !

Please share the video everywhere you can.

That may even help us to promote hive. Let's the world know that we have platforms as @threespeak where all the video will be saved here forever !

Watch the movie to understand what I'm talking about !

I hope the world will change somehow, for the better of course !

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The vaccine psi op/big pharma narrative is falling apart - at long last.

Respect for posting "Vaxxed"!
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