The rain that returns to watering the plants


Hello Hivers

Hello gardeners wherever you are, I can't believe we are already at the end of January, how are all of your plants doing, is everything going well, what season is it now there?

rainy season and dry season, maybe that's what I should write in the title of my post, the weather at my place is completely unpredictable for now, I thought the rainy season was over, but he came back and damaged some of my plants, even the banana garden which I cleaned up a few days ago was again submerged in floods, really apprehensive

On the other hand, some plants are also starting to flourish because of this rain, I have some young plants now, but before seeing them I will show you my mother's orchid which is blooming again at this time.


Dendrobium is one of the genera orchids epiphytes which are commonly used as ornamental plants in rooms or gardens, the flowers are very varied and beautiful, dendrobium is relatively easy to maintain and flower






These two orchids are the same type of orchid, it's just that the colors and shapes of the flowers are different from one another, here we call it the moon orchid, and I've shared this type of orchid before, but now it's the turn of another tree to show this beauty, the source said Latin name of this orchid is Doritaenopsis



Phalaenopsis pulcherrima Also a type of orchid, and the two pictures are variations of this same type of orchid, the difference is only in the color of the flowers produced, but for the shape of the stem, almost all orchids look the same

I myself am a little confused, how many orchids does my mother actually have, every day there are orchids that are blooming, because I am curious I ask, and the answer is really unexpected, look carefully at the picture below




Did you see that, that was my mother's biggest secret all this time, she gave sliced ​​shallots to pots of orchids she collected, apparently, it aims to stimulate the growth of these flowers, they will flower faster and can even live more fertile. if you give sliced ​​onions like this, that's why the orchids here are always blooming, wow, I also just found out about this, usually I just help my mother to water the plants, not for maintenance, I have my own plants to care for





This morning I also looked at this orchid again, and look at what I found, a small creature was seen looking into a bucket, and guess what it was doing, it was watering the plants when it was raining🤣, I don't know what was on its mind, he is my little nephew who is very cute, so busy watering the plants he doesn't even realize I'm watching his strange behavior

In this rainy season, the land for the plants in my front yard is still fine, even better than before, it's just that the back of the house, there are some plants that are affected by the rain that keeps happening, before we look at the back side, I will again showing some of the plants that I have in the area in front of my house





The technique of planting orchids on dead wood, yes, that was also done by my mother, on the side of the house, there are other flower gardens of various types, but these orchids have become my concern, because dead wood is used as a planting medium, the price is very expensive really, I don't know what kind of wood it is, and what it does for the orchid, but it's not something I have to worry about, because my mother didn't ask for my money when she bought it😅, so I just enjoy this view

Some new plants were also seen in front of these orchids, and that was a plot for me to plant tomatoes, but my mother's flowers filled them again, I was even told to give them fertilizer





I don't know this plant for sure, and I think it is also a taro family, and they were just planted by my mother, yesterday afternoon I gave them fertilizer, pearl fertilizer is the fertilizer that I use for all the plants I have, and it doesn't only this flower that I fertilize several other new plants also get their fertilizer rations so that life is more fertile







Grapes, mangoes, and durians, I also give fertilizer for them, for durians, it's actually a bit difficult to make them bear fruit here, because they can only bear fruit in cool areas (mountains), but this is a type of export durian that I bought some time then, my friend has managed to make them bear fruit within 4 years, therefore I also want to try it and hope it will work too, a total of 6 durian seeds that I planted throughout my home area, and all of them are types of durian exports

Still in the front yard of the house, my longan tree also has a good effect this rainy season, some fruits have started to appear and will soon be harvested, here are some pictures




This longan is almost 6 years old, and it can live tens of years more, its trunk is starting to grow and its branches have also formed beautifully, the cool air can also be felt from this tree, it is beautiful, that is my goal to plant lots of trees all over the house, regardless of my love for plants

While wrapping this longan fruit, I also saw the beauty of the other flowers under this tree, the white flowers were very beautiful.



Spathiphyllum wallisii That's what Google says, as the name implies, I also feel at peace seeing the beauty of this flower, the local language peace lily for this beautiful flower, its unique shape is very tempting, like a crown protecting its queen, that's the term, seen from any side , this flower is still very amazing

Those are the various plants that don't matter when it rains, now let's see the condition of the plants in my backyard









There is nothing wrong with the lime and bananas which are on the right side of the house, the only problem is the banana garden which is at the back of the house, they are flooded again, even though it was only a few days ago that I cleaned this banana garden, the worry started came to my mind, will they survive if they continue to be submerged like this, even some banana trees have also fallen, coconut seeds that I haven't had time to plant have also been submerged, I have been very busy lately, and no one else is taking care of all these plants, too bad

I cut some of the fallen banana trees and took the hearts for me to take home. Banana vegetables, have you ever heard of that?



That's the heart of the banana tree that I mean, here, the heart of the banana is one of the favorite foods of the people of my area, and is often cooked on certain occasions, but lately it's been rare to cook it because it's hard to find this type of banana tree, I don't have pictures of the cooking, apart from that I also brought home an old bunch of bananas which also fell

On the other hand, the vegetable starfruit trees looked fine, even because of the rain they started to bear fruit again



This star fruit gives off very dense fruit, even up to the trunk of the tree, because there is no proper sun yet, my mother has not picked this star fruit, usually this star fruit will be picked and dried in the sun to dry and used as a cooking spice, at market prices ** sunti** acid (dried star fruit) is very expensive, can reach IDR 30,000 per kilo, now people rarely plant this tree, even though they are very easy to grow anywhere, times have changed, people prefer raw materials practical, and lazy to plant, but that's none of my business, I just do what I like

So, those are some of the latest updates for some of my current plants, that's all I can share, thank you and see you soon


You seem to be doing pretty well despite the unpredictability of the weather. Orchids can be tricky to maintain.
I think many regions are experiencing a change in weather. I'm now in Jamaica where we're experiencing some kind of drought. Unfortunately, there are no government regulations and people are wasting water doing things like washing and polishing cars instead of applying conservative measures.


Yes some of my plants are more thriving, the only thing I'm worried about is the banana groves that are submerged, they have been flooded many times, Jamaica I've heard of that name, it seems the local government has to make the right decisions regarding water, me too a little concerned about that


Ah, your banana situation is not good. Sorry to hear about that.
It's been nice being back home in Jamaica for the last 3 months, and I'm leaving next week back to the UK. Waking up to mature bananas, (very sweet ones) has been a treat:)
All good wishes with your crops.


I'm glad to hear that, hopefully nothing will happen on your way later, ripe bananas are waiting😅

Thank you for visiting my post😊🙏

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Wow, spectacular. I love that purple orchid of your moms and looks like your plants are absolutely loving the rain. Here in the Southern Hemisphere it's summer and hot so we don't have much rain at the moment other than the odd thunder storm.


Some of my crops are indeed better when it rains, I am also concerned about what is going on in your country, hopefully the storm will pass quickly and thank you for visiting 😊


Hi, true, extreme climates affect the plants. on this side a lot of heat and drought, this already affected my plants. What nice orchids, by the way I didn't know those methods of your mom. Congratulate her for me I imagine you enjoy her beauty. Greetings 👋


Yes climate is indeed a determinant for all plants, I will extend your greetings to my mother😊