[Gods Unchained] Custom Cards #5 - Sanctum & Favor EDITION!

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Hey guys! It's been a long time since the last edition in this series, so I guess it's time for a new one. Welcome to the fifth edition of Gods Unchained custom cards, and as always, cards were created using this simple card generator.

This time I focused on something new. Sanctum & Favor are pretty unique for a card game and this system has quite a lot of potential. I tried to find as many different ways as I could to enhance this mechanic and the interaction with the Sanctum. Today's artwork is made by these two artists, MikeAzevedo and Telthona, if you want to see more of their work follow them on Devianart.

Mycenaean Ruins

Mycenaean Ruins.png

Just to clarify what I mean by swapping decks in the Sanctum. If in the current situation you can pick cards from Defenders, Removal, and Threats. One of these decks will switch its place with one of the inactive ones, in this case, Answers or Value.

For 2 mana 0/4 backline creature can be pretty safe to last for around two turns, which is enough to gain 4 favor and see two more options in the Sanctum. This card isn't the best choice if you are only looking for a favor since you could get much more just by doing something useful (trading, hitting face) with a card like Skeleton Heavy. I'd say this could be useful in a Control deck that is utilizing Sanctum as a value generator so when there are no good options you are the one that gets to see a new option first and decide if you need it.

Draconic Berserker

Draconic Berserker.png

This is another way cards could influence Sanctum choices. This one could be a bit too much depending on the creatures getting these buffs but I feel it fit War's theme well and we should have similar effects in the future expansion. The roar effect has a lot of potential for generating value so I gave it only 2 health so that it won't be able to survive almost any trade so generating favor off of this card isn't that easy. Still looks broken but I found this really interesting to showcase.

Warrior Fairy

Warrior Fairy.png

A 3/3 body is a bit weak for a vanilla creature but if you can take a card from the Sanctum on the same turn it is basically a free tempo. If you can pull more cards it is only getting better. This is not necessarily that much better than Revenant Lynx but it doesn't have Confuse which is nice. You could say this is a bit of a win more card since if you had a really good start with Aggro/Midrange you will be able to pull a card from the Sanctum quickly and get that free 3/3 on the board. But then again it is a question if you should take the card just to activate this effect.

Ancient Forest Dragon

Ancient Forest Dragon.png

This is a simple one. I've taken the common six-card requirement for dragons to get an excuse for getting so much favor from a card that for its mana cost is of a fairly decent size, especially if you can buff it. It isn't any inventive mechanic but is something I'd like to see in my future Divine Messanger decks. Still don't know what Divine Messanger is? Then take a look at my series on Trial of the Gods card set review that starts with Neutrals (Divine Messanger included).

Agora Devourer

Agora Devourer.png

Similar to Warrior Fairy but this time it triggers when either player reaches for help in the Sanctum. Potential, if you have a lot of favor, you could deal 12 damage by taking all three choices present, and if you have two Agoras on the board it is a 24 damage burst. Remember it can kill you too. 2/5 body is pretty weak and it should be because its potential shouldn't lie in board control. Gaining favor on the Afterlife is just a sweet little bonus.

Dark Deal

Dark Deal.png

We all hate when deception is stealing stuff from us. So why not hating it for losing 60 favor in this deal? I think 5 mana would be fair for this card as it does take a considerable amount of mana, preventing you from taking almost any other action in your turn. Also, if your opponent plays around it you won't be using this card successfully anyway. Just in case I added targeting your opponent so that if they have a Ward on their god it makes them safer.

Anguished Oracle

Anguished Oracle.png

Magic likes to reduce the cost of cards so I just translated that to the Sanctum. 5/6 is more like a 5 mana body but it does give you a 6 favor discount this turn, or 12/18 if you want to take more cards. This effect is somewhat situation so I think that even if it was something like 8 favor discount it would still be fair. This could be a nice inclusion in the decks that don't necessarily need favor to activate other effects like Hydna, Pontus' Favored or Metaphysical Chariot's afterlife but want more opportunities to gain value through Sanctum.


This is it for today's custom card edition. Sanctum & Favor is a cool mechanic and the GU team really needs to explore it further and make it a bigger part of the game. Sadly they softened its impact by making all cards cost double favor although this can be changed at any moment and I hope it does. Do you guys like any of these ideas? Have some yourself? Please tell me in the comments.

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