I loot a lot 🏹 gameplay

in Hive Gaming9 months ago

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Friends, in this part of the mobile gameplay, when we landed on the field with our team, we got UMP9 and M146.
And with that we climbed up to one's house and there were some enemies visible at a distance.
We had a 2X scope, with the help of which I knocked out an enemy. Then knocked out the other enemy. And then knocked out the third enemy. And by then both the earlier knocked out enemies were also dead. When I went to my friends after killing four enemies, there I also knocked out one enemy and then went to my friend, where he killed two enemies there, I looted a lot and After leaving from there, another team attacked us in which we hit one enemy but he survived and then knocked out the other enemy and by then the enemy had settled, Mixed shot me.

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