Weebs, GLITCHPOP comin' right up! | VALORANT: Skin Highlight


(Image Credit to Riot Games)

      Oh that's right! It's time for some skin bundles. This flashy crazy colored skins will definitely give you a boost to your game. This is no "pay-to-win". You'll just have more confidence in yourself and more cosmetics in your games, since Riot wanted to create lively and crazy theme in the game. According to Chris Stone, one of the Weapon Devs of Valorant,

      "Glitchpop was an opportunity for us to take inspiration from the cyberpunk genre with our own fresh take on it.
      There are so many amazing representations of the cyberpunk genre so we didn’t want to lean too heavily towards any one of them. We decided to focus on how to push this skin line towards a more fun and punk aesthetic, instead of the classic gloomy and grounded cyberpunk representation we often see.”

      Now, let's review our beautiful yet crazy skin bundle that you wouldn't want to miss.


ezgif.comvideotogif 5.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)

      Colorful knife at the tip hands, ready to be grabbed! Slice everyone with this knife and your enemy will definitely glitch his way out of the battlefield. It slices, it dices and it vanquishes enemies!

Cost:4350 Valorant Points


ezgif.comvideotogif 2.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)

      Give yourself a treat and have a beautiful killing spree with this pistol. Make a nostalgia on every frag you get and make your allies and enemies say "wow". There are different colors so you have the option to choose! Cool, right? Spray it of with this cool skin.

Cost:2175 Valorant Points


ezgif.comvideotogif 3.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)

      Bunkers! Have a blast with this bad boy. Shoot your 7 bullets and get the splash kill. Cover the battlefield with these and you'll be in awe.

Cost:2175 Valorant Points


ezgif.comvideotogif 4.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)

      Magazine at the back? Handle at the front? No problem! Bulldog Glitchpop is here to give you the Cyberpunk chills. Shoot those 3 burst shots and make enemies eat those glitchy bullets. Perfection!

Cost:2175 Valorant Points


ezgif.comvideotogif 6.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)

      Annihilate all enemies and give them a hard time. Give them a shower of glitchy bullets to clean their souls with your glitchy awesomeness! I don't dare to stand if your line of fire if I saw you on Odin-spree Cyberpunk mode.

Cost:2175 Valorant Points

      If you want all of them, for 8700 Valorant Points, you can get the Glitchpop Bundle! Here are the upgrades that you should consider when buying Glitchpop.

1Model and Scope VFX
2Custom muzzle flash and firing audio
3Custom equip and reload effects and audio, logo hologram projections, custom inspect audio
4Kill banner and finisher
5Blue Chroma with VFX
6Red Chroma with VFX
7Gold Chroma with VFX

      That's all for now. Thank you for sticking in. Tune in for more Valorant contents! 😊

ezgif.comvideotogif 1.gif
(GIF Credit to Riot Games)


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