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      The Mexican duelist, Reyna, codename Vampire, is a professional duelist that suck her victim's souls and use it to her advantage. Her strength depends on her performance directly. Guard your souls, stay active and dominate her. She might leave you as a dry soul-less corpse.


      A lot of people are saying Carolina Ravassa, the voice actress of Raze, is the same voice actress for Reyna since she depicts the same character design as Sombra (also voiced by Carolina Ravassa). These are some tweets.

      But something doesn't add up. It was biased saying she was a copy of Sombra. Reyna's accent is far different from Raze nor Sombra. So I researched a bit and came to a conclusion. Maybe she was voiced by Beata Pozniak. A European artist who's famous for voicing Skarlet from Mortal Combat. Both characters had the same accents.

      This is a controversial topic as of now since Riot doesn't seem to answer our questions. Time will uncover the truth. 😉




      Reyna holds an ethereal eye in her hands. Upon activation, Reyna sends the ethereal eye that stays in the designated location, blinding everyone that sees it. It can be shot and destroyed but still is the best blinding ability in the game so far.

Sound Cues

Cost:200 Credits
Slot:2 slots

These abilities requires soul orbs to be used. Has shared slots.

Cost:100 Credits
Slot:4 slots


      Reyna consumes the soul orb and pours it into her body, healing her up to 100 health for 3 seconds. Upon activation, Reyna is vulnerable and unable to shoot for 1 second. If the tether between the soul orb and Reyna is cut by any obstacle, the healing stops in any circumstances. She can overheal up to 150 health but will never go above 150 health, including shields. Overheal will deplete over time but will retain if Devour is recasted.

      If Empress is active, automatically uses devour for the same amount of time without consuming and tethering with the soul orb.

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.



      Reyna paints herself with the soul orb, becoming an ethereal being for 2 seconds. She becomes an intangible and gains a burst of movement speed. One unseen mechanic of Dismiss is Reyna can change her weapon while on Dismiss, changing her weapon to the last weapon selected on Dismiss.

      If Empress is active, consuming the soul orb for Dismiss makes Reyna invisible.

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.




      Reyna goes Rage mode, becoming a violent violet being increasing her fire rate, fastening the change of weapons and reload speed by 20%. Gain infinite supply of her signature abilities. Empress refreshes its duration after getting a frag.

Sound Cues

Dismiss on Empress State

Cost:6 ult points


      Reyna is a straightforward fragger. Her kit is just based on getting heads or fighting isolated fights. She is just a fragging machine that will tank for her teammates. Put her Leer somewhere out of line of fire for two reasons: to make them shoot Leer and lose their angle, and if they chose to not leave their angle, you blind them completely. Both situations gives Reyna the advantage. Only use devour when you get frag but trade didn't occur.

      There's one trick to dismiss managing 2 soul orbs that you get from frags simultaneously. After getting the second frag, take the first soul orb as Dismiss repositioning, but remain in line of sight with the other soul orb. After the Dismiss duration gets to its limits, immediately take the other soul orb, giving you 6 seconds of intangibility. This is more powerful when on Empress since you still heal without taking the soul orb and Dismiss makes Reyna invisible.

      Make use of her Empress state, maximizing its fighting potential since his reload speed and changing weapon speed increases. You can back stab an enemy at her back and immediately bring out your gun to fight all enemies nearby.


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Definition of Terms

CC - Crowd Control
Buff - Boost
Frag - Agent Kill
Ult - Ultimate Ability

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