VALORANT Agent Overview: SAGE

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      The protector of China, Sage, is a dependable teammate in the battlefield that aids and protects everyone to continue their march to victory. All the protection you need, she has. Did I mention her deadly aim? She always got your back, so use to your advantage.


      She was voiced by a real chinese citizen, Naomi Yang, born in Beijing, China but grew up in Manchester, England.
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      She is an incredible actress famous for her films Lilting (2014), and her two latest films, Brave New World (2020) and Salisbury Poisoning (2020). Here are some of the trailers of her movies for the people who'd like to take a look at it.



Barrier Orb

      Sage holds an orb from both sides. When Barrier Orb is activated, Sage waves her hands to the side and creates 4 walls from the earth and up. It acts as a wall and can be destroyed after taking certain amount of damage. If casted beside a wall that is a platform, the walls touching that platform will break. Walls can be activated horizontally or vertically and can be used under an agent to boost them, or yourself. Perfect for a surprise attack.

Sound Cues

Cost:400 Credits
Slot:1 slot

Slow Orb

      Sage holds out an orb with her right hand supported with her left hand. When activated, Sage throws the orb with her left hand. When the orb lands on a platform, the orb will spread and acts as a slow field. This slows allies, enemies and even Sage herself. This is a great stalling ability. Since enemies are slowed in the slow field, it is easier to find those popping heads. Buy a vandal or an operator and you're good to go.

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.

Cost:100 Credits
Slot:2 slots


Healing Orb

      Sage holds an orb with her both hands gently. When activated to damaged allies or yourself, it will heal up to 100 health points (does not heal shields). So it's good to have a sage rotate fast to a site that is being pushed when defending, and have her in the backline for follow up and heal when attacking. The only healing ability in the game so far.

Sound Cues

Cost:Free/Restock every 45 secs
Slot:1 slot



      Sage waves her hands finding an ally corpse. When activated, allies will respawn for a short amount of time and revives them with 100 health points. One of the strongest and used ultimate ability so far. You can use this to directly resurrect teammates or to use them as baits when the reviving animation goes. 1000 IQ play! 😆

Sound Cues

Cost:7 ult points


      Sage is the jam on a bread of every team composition. Her stalling abilities, heal and resurrection is a questionable thing to not have. But there's not much Sage mains there yet since she is just a support. Be creative with her Barrier Orb to get the most out of it, use Resurrection whenever possible, and use heal to damaged allies to increase the strength of your man power. Be a Sage main and I'll commend you, even the Valorant community will too. 👊


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Definition of Terms

CC - Crowd Control
Ult - Ultimate Ability

      The guy the helped me in the Healing Orb and Resurrection clip is Arclight. Definitely check out his Youtube Channel. 😉


I like Sage outfit.

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