VALORANT Agent Overview: RAZE

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      The Brazilian grenadier, Raze, codename Clay, is an aggressive, loud as f*ck folk that loves explosions, given in her abilities, and paints, covering every part of places along with her nades. The literal vandalism girl of valorant. She is so good to be with since she is a cheerful and energetic teammate that boosts everyone's morale to bring themselves to the top. Watch out of her explodees and avoid it as possible. You might be obliterated in a single nade. Oh don't worry, you'll know when she's there. She's really a louuuud girl.


      Raze is voiced by Carolina Ravassa, a famous Columbian actress/producer of the films The Affair (2014) and Mr. Robot (2017). She is also a famous voice actress of Sombra of Overwatch and Taliana Martinez of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V).




Boom Bot

      Raze holds his little friend, the Boom Bot. Upon activation, Raze places the Boom Bot and it starts rollin'. It has a vision cone and if it sees an enemy, it follows the enemy and explode when it is close enough to the enemy. It just goes in a straight line and when it touches a wall, it bounces of and follow a bouncing-line path. It can be shot and destroyed. Either way, Raze's team gets the information.

Sound Cues

Type:Damage, IG
Cost:200 Credits
Slot:1 slot

Blast Pack

      Raze throws her satchel and sticks to a platform, like a sticky bomb. The satchel ticks faster and faster until it explodes. But Raze can detonate it by pressing the ability key again. This knocks up anyone on beside the satchel and takes damage, except Raze herself. She can go up on high places such as the truck and benches in bind and other high platforms. This can be shot and destroyed before it explodes.

Sound Cues

Type:Damage, CC
Cost:100 Credits
Slot:2 slot


Paint Shells

      Raze holds her grenade and removes the pin. Upon activation, she throws her grenade, full of paint, and then explodes, releasing 4 more grenades that automatically explode. Another type of throwing the Paint Shell is by alternate firing to short throw. She can kill anyone that takes all the Paint Shell's damage, friend or foe. Colorful!

Paint Shell Kill

Cost:Free/Restock after 2 kills
Slot:1 slot



      Raze equips her transforming rocket launcher. Upon activation, Raze shoots a large paint rocket that explodes upon touching a unit or a platform. It does an AOE damage from 70-150. Raze is knocked back after shooting the rocket, preventing her from taking fall damage after she shoots it.


Showstopper Kill

Cost:7 ult points


      Raze is literally the nade of Valorant. All of her abilities are damaging abilities, which is pretty over powered, given that Riot initially said that abilities are used to set up frags, not get frags. Counter intuitive ain't it?

images 24.jpeg

      But then, what can we do? We just play accordingly. So with that in mind, let's go for a full use of her kit. Use her Boom Bot to get information on a certain place for early to mid round. Then if it sees an enemy and use Paint Shells to zone or get free frags. Her Blast Packs has a lot of good uses. You can use it for repositioning, fast engage, go to high platforms or just use it for damage. It's up to you how would you use it. The most common use of blast pack is combining it up with Showstopper.

      It will literally stop the show and create a show herself. Showstopper can get you an ace for 3 seconds. Watch this clip.

A Message to Riot

      For me, Blast Packs damage should be reduced for about 40-50 damage or even lower to retain its 2 slots since it is a good agent skill ceiling. Boom Bot should be reworked into somewhat an information gathering ability that doesn't do damage. As for the Showstopper, its nerf is already enough, making it 7 ult point from 6 ult points. In my opinion, these are the nerfs that is needed to make to balance Raze.


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Definition of Terms

IG - Information Gathering
Nade - Grenade
AOE - Area of Effect
Ult - Ultimate Ability

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