VALORANT Agent Overview: JETT

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      The south korean duelist, Jett, is agile and versatile yet deadly because of her unpredictable fighting style. She goes head on then surprises enemies then put them to eternal sleep. It's like the battlefield is just her playground. Oh, and she likes to talk trash, a lot.


      Her voice lines are pleasing and soothing to the ear right? She is voiced by Shannon Arrum Williams, in Hangul 김아름, a british-south korean singer who officially debuted as a solo artist in December 2014 with her digital single, Daybreak Rain.

      And now, she was picked to dub Jett and is playing the game. Here are some of her clips. (Just up to 1:24, the next clips are from different players)

      To be perfectly honest, I don't play Jett, but is captivated with her voice lines and left me in awe when I saw Shannon Williams is playing Valorant. So cute. ☺️




      Jett throws a ball of wind (can be controlled, holding its ability key) and then inflates when it touches a surface into a spherical smoke that blocks vision. It only lasts a couple of seconds then disappears. It is perfect for her since she uses it to trick and overwhelm the enemies. But a good cloudburst is hard to land, I tell you.

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.

Cost:100 Credits
Slot:3 slots


      Jett lunges herself to the air. Her Updraft is high enough to reach high boxes and high positions to surprise the enemy. Imagine she lunges to a wall, sees you, then kills you in just a snap. But then it is also a hard to master ability since you can just instantly die when used poorly. And be careful, there's a lot of Jett head hunters out there, literally "heads".

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.

Cost:200 Credits
Slot:2 slots



      Jett dashes to the designated direction. By default, Jett dashes in a forward manner, but when a directional movement is added, it dashes in that direction. This is her bread and butter ability. She can dash in a fight, dash out from a fight or simply reposition. And she can dash behind you too. So watch out.

Audio cues for this ability cannot be found.

Cost:Free, Restock after 2 kills
Slot:1 slot


Blade Storm

      Jett equips her floating kunai knives and acts as her weapon, throwing it to hit the enemies. Using LMB throws 1 knife but RMB throws it all. It also refreshes to 5 knives when Jett gets frags using the knives. Throwing it with LMB are very accurate even when moving or gliding. Just aim and shoot at the right place and at the right time, there goes your well played frag.

Sound Cues

Cost:6 ult points


      This agent has a passive, unique only for her. She can glide in the air. Just hold down the jump key (spacebar by default) and you'll glide.

      This agent's kit is on a different pace. You can cast her abilities simultaneously, which may lead to animation cancel (Cloudburst then Tailwind out or Cloudburst then Updraft) if you cast her abilities fast enough.

      There's so much things that can be done with her kit. One thing is hee ability to avoid shots. She can hold an angle, get a frag, and not be traded out with the Tailwind's agility. This is why she is a good Operator user since she can shoot one bullet, getting a frag or not, then dashing out. Use her updraft to get into high boxes or on top of the enemies to trick them and confuse them where you are. Use Cloudburst with the aggressive Updraft and you'll get a kill or 2, or an ace using her ult.


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Definition of Terms

VC - Vision Control
Frag - Agent Kill
Ult - Ultimate Ability
LMB and RMB - Left and Right mouse button


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