Splinterland ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Is Finally Here! Which One Is Your Favourite?

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Hi Everyone,

The anticipated DICE has arrived! A few days delayed with posting but I was able to get 22 packs + 1 bonus ones which came with the 20 pack bulk buy. I haven’t bought so many packs at once so it was a nice change to open the whole lot together. Total paid for the 20 packs was 57600 DEC. When the reveal of the cards came out, I had a few cards in mind I don’t mind having so I was hoping to get them or off the market if I am no lucky enough to open them from the bought packs. One thing the I nearly forgot is we can use our potions on these packs! All our saved potions can finally be used! I only had enough to open 12 packs with my main account and the rest was opened with my other account which had enough potions waiting.

Screen Shot 20200827 at 9.48.31 am.png

I think we receive at least a summoner for each pack so that was pretty neat. Got a few gold cards and a legendary which was nice. I had a good mixture of cards considering I didn’t open that many packs compared to some other players from the game. I am holding onto these cards to decide what my next steps will be as I am sill trying to get my head around them to see which ones will benefit my existing teams.

Screen Shot 20200827 at 10.38.05 am.png

Screen Shot 20200827 at 10.38.15 am.png

Screen Shot 20200827 at 10.44.50 am.png

Screen Shot 20200827 at 10.44.56 am.png

The card that I am most anticipated in this series so far would be Mylor Crowling. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Earth splinter and for the summoner to give the whole team the thorn ability is pretty neat especially when there is sneak as a rule set. I’m sure I’ll find another 1 or 2 I might see it as a “must have” but at this stage, I need to study the cards and decide what my next step will be. Are there any cards that is a must have for you? Share them with us!

Screen Shot 20200829 at 9.23.59 pm.png


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No doubt Splinterlands did a great job. All cards are very well illustrated.

I found new summoners with their specific abilities very interesting.

I can say that my favorites are two, the first being Qid Yuff for liking Orcs a lot since my Warcraft days. His ability to make all of his team scent opponents' shields will be very well used for me and I intend to leave him at level 3 in the future.

My second but not least is Mylor Crowling, his ability will be very well used in my Earth Splinter since I have good lv 3 cards but with no Earth summoners with the same level. I will try to acquire it for my collection.

Qid Yuff ---> interesting thoughts on that. thats for your feedback.


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You got plenty of summoners in those packs , congratulations!
Nice cards , thanks for sharing!

Yeah pretty lucky draws. If you are playing, check them out, the summoners this time is pretty epic

splinterlands really does a great job. the cards look fantastic again. it is fun to collect them and fight a battle with them.
Congrats to your draw.