Retro Tamogotchi and Digimon Tamagotchi - Classic games from the childhood in a remade version

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It's been 22 - 24 years (I forget which year it was)


Back in the mid 90's (1997) in Australia when they released the little handheld pet game called Tamagotchi, it was an amazing time for anyone getting to own one. I forget when I got mine, but it was within the first couple of years, most likely for Christmas that year of release.

I loved playing with my Tamagotchi for quite some time and kept doing my best to look after and raise it, ensuring it wouldn't get sick and die which I believe at one point when I got busy and took longer to care for it, I almost lost my pet. Thankfully I managed to keep it going a while longer before I started again.

If you aren't familiar with it, a Tamagotchi is a handheld pet game you take with you and raise a pet from the moment it is born, by feeding it different food when it gets hungry, interacting with it and playing games to make it happy, making it go to the toilet or cleaning up after it when it is required and more. A great idea when seeing how a child would react to having a pet and looking after it, but also fun overall and even now as an adult.

This version I got from Amazon is a 2018 release of the original Tamagotchi but is meant to allow 2 eggs instead of one or something like that. When will I find out? Well... that is uncertain because I am currently keeping it in the box as I am now more of a collector. That doesn't mean I haven't been having the urge to want it open so I can enjoy it as well, but maybe I will get a second one to open and play, when I have more money to spend on just going and buying a second one!

I watched friends play it and wasn't allowed it when I had the normal Tamagotchi


This Digimon Tamagotchi was basically an even more enjoyable version if you were a big fan of the show Digimon, where this one would include battling your Digimon against your friends to see which was stronger and who was going to be victorious. It would require you to heal it after battles and before you could get into anymore fights.

I wasn't as big on Digimon back then at first but did still love the show, of course it would never be as good as Pokemon was! None the less, I did want one after seeing my friends battling and raising their own Digimon, but I was not allowed to have one as I already had the normal Tamagotchi and that was enough for me, so I was okay with that in the end.

After about a month of knowing I could get the Digimon and normal Tamagotchi from Amazon which I used a payment method for so I didn't have to pay it all upfront, I finally decided when my account limit was raised, that I would spoil myself and add them both to the collection. they are fine additions and I am not able to just go and always buy things like this but the feeling I get when I remember back to being a kid, it is well justified for my spending on such nostalgic toys that my collection needs.

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