Completing Super Nintendo games - B.O.B Part #3 - Anciena Area Part #1

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B.O.B Part #3 and the first of the Anciena Area levels

Note: My previous videos have been moved to the new 3speak domain which can be found at thegoliath 3speak channel after issues with one of their developers and them having to switch to a new domain. My previous video doesn't appear now but all my others are on my channel.

This is game #2 in my series for completing SNES games using an emulator and ROMs.

In part 3 for the game B.O.B I quickly find out how tough this new area gets and what is trying to kill me. I even get face punched by some big thing that will make you fly all the way back, until you hit a wall, which means you could fall into something unless you use gadgets.
There is trouble trying to pass the levels due to being bad at times and getting owned by the various enemies and obstacles trying to stop me from progressing to the next levels and next area. Of how it liked to punish slow reactions!

Most of the levels in this area involve designs to do with ancient sort of looks or inside a mountain and lava filled levels.
I find the lava levels to look really awesome and the lava golem things that pop out while not too annoying, can be a pain if you aren't quick or don't have the homing rockets.

Finally the last level in this video will show a big challenge in looking for the end of the level, with a big drop down and many spots to stop off on while working out where the hell I am going!

Streamlabs OBS used for recording and setting the scene with SNES font, my avatar and the game picture for what I am playing.

Emulator used: RetroArch
ROMS: They are the games
Saving: Using emulator saving between levels or occasionally in tough parts so I don't always die and repeat so then the game can get completed.

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