Black Mesa Gameplay 05-03

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We get to the elevator surrounded by toxic waste, but we made it in and now ascending into the next area of the map. I had to jump from container to container to find my way through without dipping into the toxic waste. Lots to avoid in this level, the floor is lava so to say and I need to avoid falling in the toxic sludge.

The size of these underground areas amaze me, there are probably some out there but its hard to imagine.. only in video games like this I can better think of such a big underground structure.

As I enter the new level above some sonic dogs show up and try to injure me. With an explosive container near by the enemy blows it up and hurt itself.. But then a bunch more of those sonic dogs show up. I take them out and then finish off one of the stranglers.

Running around to the next platform by Silo D I come across some headcrabs I have to take out. Using my pistol I made quick work of them.

Going through some doors I come across a headcrab zombie, I try to take it out with my crowbar but switch to my pistol and aim for the head. So I can kill the headcrab too.

Entering the control room that pit monster takes one of the scientists through the window. And I have to run through not to get attacked.

A guard offers to make a distraction while I run down the stairs, he gets turned into bacon bits. Did not really help all that

As I climb down the ladders I try to avoid the monster.. And move onto the objective of trying to turn on the jet engine above the monster that will kill it.

Looks like I am going down, I drop a barrel down to see how far it takes to reach the bottom. Decide to climb down slowly. Once I drop into the water I get attacked by one of those alligator things.

Moving through the dim passage ways I look for controls to get fuel to the rocket engines.

Blew another zombies head off with the shotgun. Gotta take out the head crab too so head shots do both.

Using grenades I take out some more zombies down the hallway, these small quarters make it quite effective.

Finding the air turbine I turn it on and make a run for the ladder before it spins up.

I use it to get up into some high vents, and have to fight off some headcrabs once entering the rooms.

Three headcrab zombies come after me, so I empty all my shells in my shotgun to take them out.

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