BROSINO POKER: Team Ups Starting & Honey Badgers Ain't Scared!

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Of all the HIVE-centric games my favorite has to be on the BROSINOPOKER site (formerly known as Lucksacks). I played a great deal of poker when I was in the military, but have learned a great deal the past couple of years on this website.

Team Up is Back @ - 500 HIVE Prize Pool

I hope what I have learned will serve me well in The Team up Tournament which will begin tomorrow Monday, April 19the. I am a member of the Honey Badger Team along with @kaeserotor and @mrwang.

I am very grateful to the Brosino team of @ats-david, @tuck-fehman, @bethlea, @guiltyparties, @inthenow along with others for this really neat game that one can play online. What is really unique is there is no cost to play and one can win #HIVE and other tokens as well!

Not only does Brosino have a Poker site, but also a virtual Casino site! Slots, roulette, blackjack, all sorts of games to play with no cost! Should you wish to you can even host your own poker games/tournaments! Many folks already have done so!

Click the image above to check out the #1 FREE HIVE Faucet!

So if you are not able to go to your favorite casino due to the present world situation, here is an option! Great fun, great people! If you like poker, or would just like to learn how to play, why not sign up? You have nothing to lose!


Oh wow alot of poker going on the chain. Thanks for sharing on #pypt

Good luck to your team! Thanks for sharing this on #pypt