Yonder - The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

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I found it! My 'What should I do until New World's release' game!

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

Yonder, aaah Yonder. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chornicles is an open world adventure game, based on exploring, gathering and crafting. There is no stress in Yonder. Everything is relaxing. There are no enemies to fight. The only bad thing around is Murk. And you don't fight Murk. You just collect spirits by exploring and they clear away the Murk for you. So relaxing.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

Yonder starts with character creation (duh). You pick between male and female, pick some colors, play around with the shape and size sliders and you're off!

P.S.: Yes, that's the only hair you can choose, but you can later on craft or trade for other kinds of hair.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

You start on a boat and you have a compass. This compass will later be used to pick active quests and set a course on the map.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

Your boat gets destroyed, which is the most stressful thing that has happened in the game so far and honestly, I didn't have to do anything. I was just along for the ride. Poor boat NPCs though.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

You meet a mysterious spirit being and then end up in a cave. Eventually, you'll walk out of there and get greeted with a nice view of the Gemea world! (See first screenshot) This is where your adventure truly begins.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

You're supposed to look for people in the town in the distance, but being a good collector, I figured I'd just grab whatever I find on my way over there. Sticks, stones, plants, vines, you name it.

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

Such nice people here! I get to have my own farm!

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

You start with quests and meetings to gather some much needed tools (like a hammer, an axe, a fishing rod, etc.) and after collecting some spirits, they clear up the Murk around the farm for you and you get your own place!

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

This is where you can hold animals and grow seeds for more gathering.

Speaking of animals...

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

There are a variety of animals in Gemea. They are not dangerous. Did I mention this is such a relaxing game? This little guy even ran away from me! Honestly, I'm not that scary...

Yonder Playfulfoodie gaming

This little fox wasn't so scared.

You can feed animals when you hold the food they like and they will follow you for a while. Lure them to your farm this way and you can keep them there to collect whatever product it is they make! So far, I made two little friends, but there are plenty more to collect.

Yonder is a cute game and it's very relaxing. You don't have to do anything. There are no battles or dangers. It's just you, exploring, collecting, crafting, trading and clearing up some Murk along the way. It's stress free, but there is always something to do. I mean, I put off cooking dinner for about an hour worth of 'Okay, I'll just do this last little thing...'.

Finally, I found a good game to enjoy and lose myself in!

How about you? Have you played Yonder yet?

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You’re killing it with the recommendations lately. I’ve added so many new games to my wishlist thanks to you. A relaxing game like this with no impending danger sounds perfect for when you just want to relax and don’t worry about anything.

Watch out! Before you know it, your wishlist will be a big mess, just like mine ;-)
I enjoy the chaos and battles in Guild Wars 2 and such, but having a relaxing game like this is great for slow days.

I have played the game before,the game is an interesting one and i love the way it was programmed..

Posted via proofofbrain.io

This game looks quite interesting. It reminds me a bit of Cube World in its graphics.

I don't know why I haven't heard of this game before, but now I have to give it a go. This looks like just what I'm in the mood for lately.

In that case, I'm happy to have pointed you towards it!

A game where nothing kills me? That sounds so nice. It feels like everything is trying to be super challenging these days and I cannot open a door without getting killed. Game looks cool, now I wanna check it out

It's such a nice change of pace! Creatures are friendly or scared, human npcs are friendly, when jumping off a cliff, an umbrella pops up to carry you safely to the ground, and when drowning, you just end up back on shore. 😃

A game where I don't have to do anything....I'd probably find a game inside the game to play. It looks cute.

I just started gaming again after 15 years....Just finished NieR:Replicant....OMG the soundtrack is incredible.

I'd probably find a game inside the game to play.

Reminds me of a toy in Guild Wars 2 that's basically a game inside that game!
NieR looks pretty awesome actually, although not interesting enough for me to pay that high of a price. How are the controls for the game? Easily learnable?

I buy used and I played on PS3 so it wasn’t so bad. Oh well 😭

Aaah, that helps to keep the costs down!