Gaming on a lazy sunday afternoon

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This lazy sunday afternoon, I felt like gaming. I wasn't sure what to blog about today though.

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

I could just not write, but then I'd mess up my streak and I gotta have those Hivebuzz badges! So although I wrote about Guild Wars 2 yesterday aswell, you're getting another GW2 blog! This time, it's PvE related though, so it's a change of pace and scenery.

This morning, I played some Guild Wars 2, WvW. There were commanders online and on Teamspeak, so we had a nice group going and got some nice fights. Eventually, I got a little tired and the latest commander wasn't my favorite, so I quit and had lunch.

Then, hubby wanted to play some PvE in Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga storyline. So we did the introduction quest and then landed in a (for us) new area. Here, we had to do events to put the char at ease and reassure them about our presence.

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

Our first series of events were found at a concert.

Ofcourse, there has to be a band. They said they were "Putting back the band in warband!"

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

The crowd wasn't that big at the start, but it quickly grew!

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

We patiently waited until the event started, wondering what would happen.

Chaos is what happened!

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

A great variety of events started. We had to kill some things, charge up some amps, then later stop amps from overheating.

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

We also had to jump in mosh pits and stand in for dancers.

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

Our minute in the spotlights!

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

Eventually, a boss type mob showed up which we also had to kill, ofcourse.

By the end of this series of events, we were about a third of the way finished with the quest to reassure the char legions, so afterwards, we hunted for some other events, one of which involved some very frustrating torch throwing and a burning effigy to defeat.

Guild Wars 2 Playfulfoodie gaming PvE

It's a nice change to do some PvE instead of WvW. It's certainly less stressful than those big fights (although I do still enjoy those most).

All images are my screenshots made in Guild Wars 2.

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That sounds like one hell of a concert. Good thing you made it out alive :-P

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