Game giveaway - Little Nightmares Complete Edition

in Hive Gaming2 months ago (edited)

Time for another giveaway! This time, it's Little Nightmares Complete Edition!


So, I know Tekken 7 didn't take (I wouldn't want that game either). Maybe no one wants Little Nightmares - Complet Edition either, but I already own the base game, don't really need the complete edition and this key is just sitting there, doing nothing... So I'll try to give it away anyway!

I'm giving this game away to whoever will enjoy it most, based on the entries I receive down here in the comments. All by my judgement and mine alone. If I can't decide, I'll 'throw a random dice'. I'm sure Google can help me with that.

If you would like to win this game (Steam key), please comment below and tell me why you are interested in it. If you win, you'll need to add me as a friend to Steam to obtain the key, so if you're not okay with doing that, don't join this giveaway :-)
(You can, ofcourse, unfriend me after.)

Good luck! And if you're so inclined, I wouldn't mind a post share to reach as many gamers as we can!

P.S.: I will pick a winner once this post is paid out, 7 days from publishing, so that should give everyone plenty of time to enter.

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I'll throw my name in the hat for this one. I've had it on my wishlist for a while. Looks like a weird but charming little game. Would be cool to finally play it!

Great! Good luck 😃

I am very interested in the game because I have seen gameplays and streams of it, on my PC my son plays it and he would also love to have it.
I hope to win it to be able to make some live streams of it would be very interesting for my Vimm and Twitch channels.

Thanks for joining, good luck!

I would like tekken 7 hahaha, Tekken is one of my favorite games, at least not to play alone but with friends. Little Nightmare is a game I've seen a lot on Hive Gaming, I've always wanted to play it, in fact I got it a few days ago on steam. Maybe with my new graphics card I can play it, I don't know how the full edition will be, but I would like to have it.

Oh no, where were you when I was giving Tekken 7 away? It's gone now after no one showed interest, sorry!

Huh, neat little game. I'd definitely be interested in this one, it looks like it's got a fun atmosphere to it and like it'd be a great little platformer!

Thanks for entering, good luck 😃