OC's Gaming Update - Halloween Edition!

in Hive Gaming4 months ago

It's been a busy few weeks around my household, but I've managed to sneak in some Halloween-related games despite everything!

The first game I've dipped into a bit is the Call of Cthulhu .


I've been interested in this game since it first launched in 2018. I'm a big fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, and I had heard relatively good reaction to Cyanide's work on the game - but I didn't grab it right away so when it came up in a recent Humble Bundle, I knew it was finally my time to give this a shot!

The game itself is a fairly typical survival rpg, flexing some horror and occult themes. The main character is a failing private-eye that seems to be haunted by nightmares and/or PTSD? I haven't gotten far enough yet to really understand his own mental state, but the story definitely sets him up as someone who is on the edge of being unemployed.

20201024011938_1.jpgSecretary: Show yourself worthy of the Wentworth Detective Agency and we might keep you on the payroll.

So, when a well-known figure shows up with a far-fetched mystery that has been ignored by all other reputable P.I.'s... well, obviously we have to take the case. It's that, or lose our license.

20201024011959_1.jpgSir, I came here on the advice of a person whom I hold in high esteem. And I must say that I expected anything but a drunkard's lair.

The gameplay is in a first-person POV except during cutscenes and uses familiar features like radial menus for discussion choices.


I haven't actually reached any combat yet, but the very start of the game implies to me that there will be a heavy focus on stealth and ensuring that we're not in the dark too much.

The first mission takes us to Darkwater which has a sort of blue-washed foggy feeling, which I suspect will be an atmospheric tone that pervades much of the game.


Overall, I think it's got some pretty good graphics and it feels nice on the control side, so I'm looking forward to more time in this game. Exploring the mysteries of the weird occult and seeing how the Cthulhu Mythos surfaces as the story unfolds is very exciting.

The second game I've been playing is one I know that several of you are also playing right now - Vampyr.


This is another survival horror RPG, where you directly play as a human who's been turned into a vampire. We're a reluctant vampire, trying to - from what I can gather - find out who turned us and how to possibly get better or at the very least manage our vampiric tendencies.

Unlike Call of Cthulhu, this game thrusts us into a lot of action very quickly - and I think will focus far more on action-RPG style gameplay. There is still an element of unraveling mysteries and a lot of character interaction in the story, but it is balanced with combat and a fairly robust skill-tree that lets us customize our particular vampire to a playstyle that suits you.


I am unfortunately a bit lacking on screenshots with this one, as I had intended to record a few clips so that I could giphy them, but my PC decided to throw out my 2h of recording.

Overall, this game also has some pretty good graphics and has great controls. I find it best with keyboard and mouse, but it is set up to allow plug and play support for controllers on PC.

Again, this is a game I'm looking forward to getting more playtime in and as I do so for both of these games I'll probably post some updates here.

For now though, these have been the games that I've been using to help get me into the Halloween spirit. It's a weird year and I'm finding that where I'd normally already be well into full Halloween-mode, this year I'm having to jumpstart myself by watching a lot of horror/thriller movies and play some spookier games to get myself really feeling fully festive.

That's all from me for today - OC signing off. Hope you all have a great Halloween weekend!