Firewatch Review

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An amazing experience!!!

Firewatch is an idie title published by Panic.

The game starts in in a very strange way, asking YOU to make the beginning of Henry's story - our main protagonist- and Julia's - his partner.
From some dialogue options which they last about 5-10 minutes,
you've already built a background story. I think the developers gave you these options so
you can relate yourself with the Henry!


So Henry, ends up working as an employee of a fire protection company, which has taken over a large forest area, somewhere in Wyoming, on the west coast of the United States.
There, he lives alone in his own wooden tower.
What Henry needs to do is pay attention to the flora and fauna of the area and provide solutions to problems that arise in the forest.
The only communication he has is with a woman named Delilah, thought woki toki. Delilah is your personal assistant as she guides you in your first steps of your job.
Very soon the relationship that will develop between the two will exceed the expected levels, which is in my opinion, a key factor of trying the game yourselves!!!

The way Overwatch manages to make you feel familiar with one voice , is indescribable!
When you are not speaking with Delilah, you feel alone, unprotected, scared !
The performance of the actors played an extremely important role as well as the quality of the dialogues.
From smart, "bold" dialogues to arrogant ones, you will find yourself enjoying them a lot. Simple, but addictively beautiful !!!


Without wanting to make any spoilers, the story is terribly simple to grasp, but it's rendered so fine that it manages to deliver an escalation, that is hard to find in today's games.
You will be asked to explore the forest, to frighten some kids that create problems in the smooth running of nature, to clean the path from trees, finding supplies etc.
It doesn't bother you at all that everything is so simple. After all the main point is the relationship between Henry and Delilah.


The technical part of the game is great too! The engine brings clarity and purity with a rich and intense color palette!!!
The scenery is amazing and trust me you will make a lot of print-screens 😆

As for the sound, things are even better. The sounds of nature, the plants, the trees, that creak when blown by wind, currents, are so .....true!!!
If you are planning to buy the game from Steam, i suggest you buying the version that gives you access in the full soundtrack!!!!

To conclude with, Firewatch is a lesson of life!!! It' the game that will scratch some wounds that you've been trying to heal for years. So simple, yet so uncomfortable❕❕❕
Those who want to try their luck, those who want to play something very rare, those who want to swim in a very short ocean of emotions, do not miss it ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

Box Art
Tested on : Pc
Developer : Campo Santo
Publisher : Panic

Soon i will upload a complete walkthrough video, so stay tuned ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

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It seems to be a very cool game (especially for those who like nature). I'll look for more information about it later.

It's an amazing game and i strongly suggest you to try it!!!
Here you can check part 1 of my walkthrough videos 😃

This Graphic Quality is Good

Really smooth scenery ❗️❗️❗️❗️