Splinterlands - My Fav Sea Monster (Weekly Battle Post)

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I started late in the game when the Sea Monster reward card was being distributed, but I got to still earn a couple. From first use of the card I got hooked and since I bought enough to earn a max Sea Monster.

Battle Using Sea Monster

My favorite ability self heal is what got me hooked to Sea Monster in the first place. The high health makes it a great tank card. Not to mention a decent melee stat to attack opponents. Now however I more often use magic with water, but I still enjoy mixing in melee with Sea Monster, Naga Warrior, and Saber Shark. The following battle I use Sea Monster.


The match is limited to 27 mana with rule sets Target Practice and Equalizer I made sure to put in multiple low health monsters to mostly extend my health of my overall formation. Using Sea Monster and max level allowed me to get health 12 across the board. This helped out my Furious Chicken, Enchanted Pixie, and Pirate Archer. On the flip side my opponent also had all their monsters at 12 health. It would become an interesting battle since my opponent went with earth splinter. What was likely my advantage was I had higher level monsters than my opponent where my Sea Monster is at max level.

The Formations

I started out with Sea Monster followed up with Furious Chicken, Mischievous Mermaid, Ruler of the Sea, Enchanted Pixie and closed out with Pirate Archer. The middle to back end of my formation was design for distant attack while my front was to hold the formation line.

My opponent is similar thought process as I leads off with Flesh Golem, followed by Orc Sergent, Furious Chicken, Creeping Ooze, Wooden Nymph, and closes with a range attack monster in Mitica Hunter.

The advantage in formation is leaning towards me as I have more monsters higher than level 6 than my opponent. Specifically 3 out of 6 monsters at max level.

Round 1

A battle between tankers in Flesh Golem versus Sea Monster. I had the upper hand as Sea Monster is level 10 while Golem is level 5. As the round progress both sides had all monsters alive.

Round 2

By beginning of round 2 opponent's Wooden Nymph was knocked out leaving only Flesh Golem to be the only healer. However a little later my Mermaid was knocked out. At end of round it was five versus five.

Round 3

In the middle of the round was when my Sea Monster knocked out Golem. The thorn ability was what put my monster over the edge in besting my opponent. The match by then was most likely over since my opponent had no healers left while my Sea Monster remained intact.

Round 4

My Ruler of the Sea was the real killer as it knocks out head hunter and later weakens the remaining formation with blast.

Round 5

Pretty much annihilation as my Sea Monster monster in full power as it was in the beginning of battle and my opponent's formation crumbled.



My advantage was in higher level summoner and monsters. While Sea Monster's thorn ability proven great help against opponents it was my magic attack lineup in Mermaid, Ruler of the Sea and Enchanted Pixie that took out my opponent. This was a good match for me also since I got the win. However it is worth considering if the match was with higher mana level my choice would not have been Sea Monster as tanker. Mainly because there would be much stronger melee monsters to use against it at higher mana.

If you are interested in watching the play replay here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Great Post !
I love the Sea Monster too, it is a great card that I use often.
Have a great day!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.