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Talking about video games technically has never been easy even for the same gamers. However, when I approached to investigate this initiative, I did not hesitate for a second in wanting to do it, because it encompasses more than just talking about video games as such, but rather, it takes us to the emotional part of going back to our most beautiful memories that are those of childhood and adolescence.

I join the initiative promoted by the Hive Gaming Community, the community of gamers, and again be able to travel through memories on the wings of my favorite video games.

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I come from a time when there were not many technological advances as there are today (I am 54 years old), and, in my childhood times, there is a game that I remember as the one I liked and played the most. I am referring to the famous PacMan, those little circles that had an opening that looked like a mouth, and that went all over a maze, eating some points on the way.

On that path, enemies of the ghost or monster type appeared, it was a lot of fun, you had to hurry and avoid them. I played the first PacMan, not the three-dimensional one, and I remember that I had a lot of fun.

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Then came another more modern version where the dolls were seen in another dimension, the latter I got to play when I bought my son more current video games in which I also took my walk and enjoyed them. A game without any doubt fun and that develops the agility of the player.


The time when I enjoyed the most the video games, was when I bought my son all the console that came out to the market, however, the ones that I enjoyed the most were the ones that I played in the Nintendo DS and the GameBoy Advance. When my son fell asleep, I took the gadgets and gave me life playing.

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Another game that I enjoyed a lot was Super Mario Bros (who doesn't know or has never played Mario?), the most famous classic and for sure the most played by many people in the world, including me, I spent hours playing it and it never tired me, the addictive power of these games was impressive.

It tells the adventures of the brothers, Luigi and Mario when they try to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser.


This game is beautiful for its colors and sounds, that part, I enjoy it too much, even, today, I have the version called Super Mario Run in my cell phone, another advance of technology, games in cell phones and I enjoy it the same or more than in those days.

Time went on and I found other wonderful games in the way, both for their colors and sounds and for their fun. Among them were Yoshi, Spyro, and others who don't come to mind right now.



But, there is one I remember in particular that I certainly enjoyed too much. I'm talking about Crash Bandicoot, I played it on my son's PlayStation2.


This game is about the adventures of a marsupial that I confused with a fox hahaha (my bad), which at first tried to rescue his girlfriend but then focused his adventures on preventing the plans of the evil scientist Neo Cortex.

The adventure takes place in an Australian-type environment and I was impressed by the colorfulness and fun of the character. He seemed crazy at times but he did things that made you immerse yourself in the game and not want to take off for hours.



Almost at the end of this walkthrough my most beautiful memories through my favorite video games, I have to list the one that currently steals my attention, for its simplicity, colorfulness, ability to speed up my mind, and my fingers in a fabulous adventure.

This is Subway Surfers, a simple but cute game that helps me move my brain cells in a stage of my life in which that is extremely important.

Screenshot taken from the game on my Alcatel Tetra cell phone.

I downloaded this game to my Android cell phone from the Play Store and it is my faithful companion in the moments when I want to relax and rest is happy to play it.

It is about the adventures of a badly behaved and somewhat vandalous teenager, who paints graffiti in the subways of a city, being surprised by a policeman and his dog.

This character starts a race through these scenarios, where he collects coins by avoiding obstacles and doing pirouettes to avoid them and move forward.

Screenshot taken from my Alcatel Tetra cell phone.

I love it because it is simple, colorful, and fun, I recommend it widely to remove stress and speed up the memory.

Traveling through my memories through video games brings a bit of nostalgia, I could not help but sigh and smile, and let some little tears of emotion.


Thanks to the Hive Gaming Community, for the promotion of these spaces, so that we, who are not accomplished and expert gamers, can bring our most beautiful memories and share them on this wonderful platform.

Let's never stop dreaming, the sky is the limit, nothing else.

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The best voices are those born from the heart.


Thank you for taking the time for this reading.



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Lol bandicoot! I think I borrowed that from my friend and forgot to return it

Hahaha, even I would have forgotten, it is such a special game, that it provokes to be playing it always. Thanks a lot for the support, you are always welcome. @whatamidoing

buena iniciativa
que recuerdos

Me imagino que son unos bellos recuerdo. Yo no jugaba videojuegos cuando era niña, pero creo que me hubiera encantado. Buena publicación!

Wow, nice memories. I don't have any experience actually. Maybe, I could try.

Felicidades amiga bella, por no limitarte y que hermoso post nos has traído. Sigue aeelante.

Corazón tiempo sin leerte por problemas de conexión. Me alegro que por fin incursionaras en el mundo de los juegos. Me gusto el post, sigue así. Saludos!

jajajaja estábamos sincronizados, te estaba escribiendo acerca de eso. Vamos a ver que logro aprender para mostrar, es interesante. Un abrazo, mi niño, me alegró que estés de regreso @franz54

Aja esperas que tu hijo se duerma para robarle los videojuegos que risa me dio eso.

También he jugado versiones de pacman pero al igual que en Mario bross me quedo con el original.

Otro de los juegos que mencionas y al cual he sido adicta por mucho tiempo es Subway Surfers, siento cuando lo juego me provoca salir a correr con esa misma energía. Dato de vital importancia... no tengo esa energía en la vida real.