Omen The Smoke Criminal

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Hello Everyone!🖐

I am Back with another Valorant Montage. 🎬

In this montage I am playing only with Omen and you can see a lot of cool smoke criminal replays, how I am sneaking in to the smoke and getting kills. Overall I really like to play in the smokes 😃 and this montage is only about this replays.


About the editing part I tried some new things which you will see. On this montage I didn't use motion
blur effect, but instead of it you will see very cool text parts when you see my replays.
Hope you like it everybody and see you in my next post. 🖐

Here you can see my previous fragmovie😎:


Another awesome edit !BEER

@outlinez Thank you :)

Awesome, I am just getting into this game, it's great!

Thank you 🙂.
And Yea the game is super cool competitive shooter.

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