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Hello Hiveros Gaming! Welcome once again to another piece of content from me.... This time I bring you a classic NES, which actually may not be quite a classic for many lovers of Retro Video games, but personally for me if it is, this title which I'll talk today has an important meaning for me, as it was one of the first games I could play on my first Nintendo NES console.

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This retro game is called "Urban Champion" and for those who don't know it, this was the first 2D fighting game released for the Nintendo NES... In a nutshell, "Urban Champion" is the starting point of all the basics of modern fighting games.

This game would make its appearance in 1984 in Japan, to debut in the United States and Europe in 1986. Despite being created by the great and recognized "Shigeru Miyamoto", this title did not get the popularity that was expected, it had very good innovations for its time, but it was something that had no weight for the good view of the gamer community of that time, I can even say that the criticism towards this game at the time became so negative that positioned it in one of the worst games of the Nintendo NES.

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The plot of this game is quite simple... You will only have to adjust yourself well to fall to fist clean against your rival, everything begins in a street of some place of the world (I have no fucking idea of where it is), in this case we will be the type of blue and the rival will be the type of green.
I've always wanted to know why these two assholes get into a fist fight, but I've never figured out why... xD, but anyway, what I can say is that this game places us from the beginning in an environment of street fights where the only thing these two guys care about is punching each other in the face. The idea or objective is to take the opponent to the other corner (And how, as I said... Fist, fist and fist... And more fist xD), once we manage to take the opponent to the corner, we must try to apply a good punch to get him out of the same corner and take him to the next round, which in this case would be the next level of the first round.

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The combination for the punches is simple, punches to the face and punches to the stomach, it is important to say that the kicks here are conspicuous by their absence xD .... We will have weak punches that will make the opponent retreat little by little, we will also have the strong punches that will roll the opponent to a certain distance, but with these punches we must take into account that we will spend our stamina. Another important point is that we can block and dodge the opponent's blows.

As if that were not enough, it is not enough to break the opponent's mother, but we will also have to deal with the demonic neighbors who will throw pots from the windows (At this point I could understand it, if it were me I would throw hot water at them hahaha xD). These pots that will fall from above can serve us for or against, as it can fall on our head or on the head of the opponent, this will make us see birds and we are defenseless for a short period of time.

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To all this we will also have to add the annoying police, every 30 seconds a patrol will pass, this will make the rival and us to return each one to his corner, once the patrol finishes passing we return again to the blows. It is important to say at this point that we will have a time, if this time runs out the patrol will arrive and will take prisoner the one who is closer to his corner.

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As we advance to bare fist against the rival, we can see how the scenery will change briefly, we will fight in front of a bookstore, barbershop, Kiosk and if I remember correctly a gift store as well. Each time we advance twice in the round, in the third round that we will have next will appear a sewer that will be open, at this point everything is clear, we will have to break the rival's mother and make him go back until he falls down the sewer. But keep in mind that in the worst case, if the opponent manages to beat us a couple of times, the sewer will also appear on the side of our corner.

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So combining all this, some good hits, dodging, blocking, avoiding the neighbors throwing pots and dodging the police, getting all this we will have no problem to achieve the goal of defeating the opponent, every time we manage to throw the opponent into the sewer, a girl will come out of the windows throwing papers as a sign that we have managed to pass the level.

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And this is the end of this Retro Analysis... Now, next I will leave you my gameplay of "Urban Champion", I hope you like it!

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"My Channel"

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The images and video that I have shown in this content are of my total authorship... The screenshots of the images and the recording of the video I took directly from the original game which I ran from my emulator "VirtualNes" for PC... Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my content, see you soon!

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I feel like I dropped my card, seeing this game, after so many years hahahaha "Shigeru Miyamoto" fond memories

I think most of us are falling down with all the retro games that gave meaning to our childhood, I'm very glad that my content has brought you good memories, thanks for your visit ;) Greetings!