Mario Party 3! A classic multiplayer past time.

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Welcome back to another retro review! I am on a kick of Nintendo 64 lately, and am really enjoying playing some past favorites with my wife, @arcticgypsy. A few nights ago we sat down to play a quick 20 round match of Mario Party 3! The last entry in the Mario party series for the Nintendo 64, released by Hudson Soft December 7th, 2000. Making it just a few months shy of 20 years old!


I assume most people reading this have come across a Mario Party game before, but just incase you haven't I will break down the main gameplay for you. At its core, Mario Party is a digital board game. You roll dice by jumping your character into a randomly rotating dice block and your character then moves across the board. When all 4 characters have taken their turn it counts as a round and ends with a mini-game to see who wins the round prize, some coins.

Coins are used to buy Stars. Which are used at the end of the game to rank winners. You want to win the games and collect as many stars as you can before you run out of rounds to play. Let's take a look at one of these mini-games.


Crazy Cogs

Three players try to avoid the falling Bullet Bills while the fourth player moves the cogs clockwise and counterclockwise in order to try and get the players hit by the Bullet Bills.

This particular game is a 3 versus 1 game. In this type of game, only one of the 3 players has to stay alive for all of them to win! While the solo guy has to wipe them all out or they lose. It is a very simple game. All of them are. They are designed to be fun and fast. Like the Wario Ware games.


I was playing as Waluigi, the purple guy in the top left corner controlling the cogs. @arcticgypsy was taken out relatively quickly as we set up her controller wrong which prevented her from moving. Whoops! The problems of emulation.

With her out of the way it was just myself and the AI. Mario went down quick. But his brother, Luigi was being stubborn.


With less than 10 seconds remaining I figured for sure he had it. And as the timer counted down to 5...4... A Bullet Bill appeared, perfectly placed to land right upon that smug green bastards head! Waluigi was victorious and took the prize!

Sadly, this was not a precursor to the future and Luigi would end up sweeping the series, taking home 5 stars in total. I ended up second with Waluigi and his 3 stars. Mario came in 3rd with 1 star, and poor @arcticgypsy brought up the rear with no stars.

It was a fun round though and we look forward to playing it again, and this time, winning! If you are looking for a game to play with your friends I highly recommend the Mario Party series of Nintendo games.



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