Axie Infinity - Back in 1700 Arena Points

in Hive Gaminglast month


For the past few days I've been struggling to complete my #AxieInfinity Daily #Quest and climb the #Arena Ladder.

I figured out it was time to switch my teams position and after a few Arena sessions, I'm finally back in 1700 Arena points. Guess my new team tactic is working.

What do you think?

Thank you all for your support

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I need to get me one of these. I have 1 Cryptokitty but no clue on how to use it. 1 Avastar, same , no clue. Now my blockchain cuties I get. I have 2 on Tron and 2 on EOS. Can’t wait for the land packs to be used or whatever. Thanks for this post.

Anytime buddy! I am not into Cryptokitty and Avastar so no idea ;(

Blockvhain gaming rules, doesn't it?

Hrm it worked that time. I should probably screen shot then the glitch I’m getting . Hey @ecency
I get this glitch when voting and sometimes when I hit upvote it downvotes

Interesting, are you seeing this everytime or only when internet connection is slow?

I think I need a new computer. And it won’t let me do it in the Ecency app for Google now iPhone. My computer barely plays Web3 stuff. Browser crashes a lot. Wallets in my browser I don’t think I need. It’s all so annoying but it’s better than just having 1 choice I suppose. Too many is way better than none. I’ll eventually figure this all out. But I do appreciate the replies.

Android and iOS apps are quite handy, try them out and you can do almost everything with mobile app. If browser is unstable on your device, mobile apps could be remedy.

Also, why are you downvoting my posts buddy? Is there anything your don't like or...

No I didn’t do that. I’m using the iPhone Ecency app. When I go to vote it looks weird but I thought it was working. I’ll have to not vote using the iPhone it the up is voting down. I never downvote. And why is the voting by a percentage. I see some do 2% all the way to 100% . I don’t get the difference unless it’s like Publish0x. Anywho thanks for pointing that out. I’ll see if I can screenshot what I mean by it’s glitching


I click the green or the red and it looks like this.

No worries, I was just asking! Thanks for the answer my friend!