Exploring Thunkgaria, the new Holybread

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Some of you might be familiar with the game of Holybread.io which is an adventure game on the Hive blockchain. I have been playing it a couple of months, and honestly...I wasn't really inspired by it. It was mostly a matter of levelling up your characters to get them to fight in the arena, which was not really exciting to see.

I kept levelling up and doing my quest mostly while I was waiting for the bus or something. Not because I was really enjoying the experience so much.

But now Holybread got a spin off called Thunkgaria and I am trying out to see if it is worth the effort of starting to play.
After all, time is scarce and we want to use this as good as possible

Thunkgaria was also involved with by @simplegame, who also had a lot to do with the Holybread team. This game has a lot of recognizable elements of the Holybread game, but as for now it is not the same. But as said: some elements are. Also if I am honest, I also don't know if this game is even on the hive blockchain or if it is just separate, because there is no keychain or hivesigner login. It just just choose a name and a password.

So I don't know if this will be done later on? Or if it will stay separate at all. The game is still in alpha and testmodus, so no need to go and wondering already. It is just a matter of testing and exploring up until now. No guarantees on whatsoever!



Where you start is you choose a hero to work with and you go to the tavern to choose the rest of your team. Here you also choose if you want your team to be on an adventure or if you want them in the arena. Some heroes you are trying to get in your team will not find you worthy enough. Come back for them later on, when you have more skills and relics. Relics are the items you collect in your journey.

The second thing you do is you head to the dungeon for your quests.



Here in the dungeon you use your heroes to battle inside the swamp. The first swamp has five rooms, which sometimes are empty, sometimes you will find an enemy which will try to whack you, and sometimes you will find items which you can store in your bag or equipt on your hero. Try equiping your hero with the best gear as possible.

Every time you enter a next room in the swamp you hero will gain some XP, which will make him level up. Everytime you get defeated you loose the items which are in your bag. So battle wisely and do try to get to too difficult swamps immediately. Because you will get whacked!


Now I did not get into the action of the arena as yet, because I am still working on getting some power into my heroes. Once I have some experience there I will get back to you. I can imagine it works a bit the same as like in the holybread game. You win and maybe get a relic or the other persons loot. As said: I will get back to you on this

So it doesn't get any more Alpha than this. A login name and no signer. No affiliate links as yet, no earning. Just exploring and leveling through a game. That is exploring and over the next couple of days I will find out if i find it worth the time or not!


Thunkgaria is the 1st in a new set of games that we are calling "blockchain-enabled games"
The only connection to the blockchain will be the p2p to marketplace.

I have written many posts about this.
I will do another post about this today or tomorrow to help explain for people.

Currently the marketplace is not live.
But we are running over 1000 HIVE in rewards for this Season.

Dude you just started.. not everything has to be live already...everything has a time and place :)

I though the start looks promising already for now.

Hopefully a keychain function or so will be added for the safety..that will be a good thing! But continue the grind man...doing good!

thank you.
I just re-read my post and it was a little short.

Was getting a lot of comments and rushed through the responses.

yes once our marketplace for thunkgaria is up (it is an improved version of the Holybread Hive based one)
we will look at login options again.

We had to stop dev on Season Zero at a functional point, we are actively working on the next Season and code base.

Always wish it would go faster.

Thank you for the kind words.

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Looks good, but it needs to be on HIVE and have tokens, else it's like hundreds of other games on the internet. Does Holybread use breadcrumbs again? I haven't played in ages, the loss of the token turned me off.

Holybread will not use breadcrumbs or its own token.
Holybread uses Hive as a utility token for its marketplace.

Our company view is blockchain games have too small of a market so our goal is to make blockchain-enabled games.

I have done posts on it before.
I will do another one to explain it.

ahhh yes this clears it up! So using hive as token in there.. Cool that is what i wanted to know!