Exode the game | Evacuation Mission live

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Yes, good new news from the Exode front in terms of progress! The Evacuation mission is live and your rewards will means something. Up until now the evacuation mission was only just a practising option, and a demonstration form, but stuff just has gotten real and now you can really do your mission and collect points for it in a challenge. @elindos has done good work in the progress and it is time to see what everyones cards are worth!

Because that is the difference now with the new mission. It will use your own cards on stats and you can see if your line up is strong or will be attacked in seconds! Lets have a peek!


Line up

So the difference now is that you will be playing with your crew and your statistics so it means that your line up is getting important as well as which cards you have in use. I have a scientist lineup, which surely is not the strongest. Also I only have a starter pack with one or two extra cards and that is it. So I am not expecting an easy situation with my cards.


Team review

Here you can see the statistics on the cards in terms of how they work together as a team and how easy they move around in the space station. Here is you last chance to review your team and if you are happy with it for your mission.

Bonus points

After this you can see what kinds of bonus points you will receive from the cards that you are using. I got these because of my science team, but actually I have no idea if this is a lot of not, because I don't have any other teams to try out with. So until then..I consider this good ;)

My crew is giving me some mean ass stats

Get ready for the launch!


The new mission also has some new rooms inside there which is always cool for the visuals. And the biggest difference now as said is that the skills of the cards are used.

I really noticed this in my mission because in no time I had team members who were lost or killed and it seemed also that it took more time to load cargo and move through the rooms.

Also my team was drained in just a fraction while being connected to the brainshield, and I wasn't able to load my weapons. Most likely because I was using the wrong characters for it. A lot to learn from I would say

The score


It wasn't really a surprise that my end score ended up in the negatives because I had lost so many team members in the process. It is still a testing game and I have the feeling that I am only 1% familiar with everything this game is capable of.

I am curious to see how others are experiencing Exode or if they are running into the same team slashing as that I am. Give it a try I would say.

I think the starter packs are still $10, which can be paid for in HIVE. If you like space games, this might just be the one for you. Still in progress, still in alpha, but looking good.


I pretty much get crushed whenever I don't use the criminal faction. That's my strongest deck. Non-criminals just don't know how to use guns effectively! Except for military faction cards. I need more weapons!

See i dont even know that these are existing cards even! I have my scientist deck and that is it so i work with those.. so more criminal is more guns I take it?

Well cards that don't have the criminal or military traits receive a penalty to Shooting skill and Accuracy. Weapon cards are separate.

There so many crypto games... Every day I see a different one ...

I know dude. it is more a matter of finding out if something suits. I just had a lot of time on my hands, but otherwise usally I also dont have time to hunt for all of these things

Sweet write-up, thanks for this! 👊

thanks! The attention to exode has been sunk in for a bit even though it is a really cool graphicked game with potential I find!

Just played it again and you guys have really improved the experience!