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Sometimes you see a lot of hype around games and you are just curious of trying it. That is actually how I started most of my gaming, and most likely it will continue to be like this. This week I started playing Exode for the first time and I would like to share some of my experiences with you from it


So Exodegame.com is the place where you start actually. You goal is to get into space and colonize the edge of the galaxy. Honestly, this is my first space game, and I am not familiar with how these things work. So if you want to start from scratch, I guess this post is the place to be because I am doing that as well.

So what to do and need?

You need a HIVE account and the keychain extension to get this game going. No mobile version as yet, I guess because this game is using a lot of graphics. My laptop was noticing this as well. Often it really needed to blow of some air and buffer because of all the graphics. I guess this has to do most with my laptop and not with the game ;)

But you also can see that loading a game takes a while. That 239 means seconds, which is a quite a bunch for impatient people like me :D


But apart from the HIVE account you also need a starter pack to get going. Starter packs cost $10 or 40 HIVE when I bought it. Not cheap, but also not too expensive considering along the line when this game launches you will be able to pick up rewards as well.

In you starter pack you actually have everything and every one you need to get the game going. You have you space ship, your office, and your team in there.


Here you can see that I have only one ship to choose from. You can already easily buy more different ships with different stats on the market already for better stats. I didn't dare to do this as yet to be honest.

You can see on the card that my ship has certain stats, which will be used in the game on later.
What is told in the stats here for instance about 'happiness' of my crew. I didn't find out as yet one how those things work. That is for later on


This is my origin card. Origins apparently are important, but I haven't really figured out as yet how this works or what it does. Naturally, the better stats on these cards, the higher the value.

Now after you get your team in place you can launch your spacecraft. At this moment only the Evacuation mission is available and is also only used for testing purposes of the team. For me this is just a brilliant way of finding out how a game works and what is good for tactics.

As you can see you crew is doing all kinds of tasks. I have one hooked to the shield for protection from outside forces, one is getting fuel, and one is updating the harddrive. Others are looking for their missing crew members because the objective of this mission is to launch with all your crew members on board leaving nobody behind.

Working this mission requires a good 10 minutes of your time with a lot of clicks to move your crew around. You really need some attention on this. Also with looking at the stats of the cards (which mentioned earlier before) I haven't seem to figure out as yet how better cards are more useful in this game. I suppose I will find this out later on.


After getting all of your crew together and some fuel and the hyperdrive upgrated you can launch with hopefully leaving no one behind. With completing this mission you get evacuation point in this journey. Later on will be revealed what these points are doing. For me it is about figuring out which is going on.



Exode is still unders construction and you can notice that. By me sometimes it took a couple of shots for the game to launch, but in the end it always did. Somewhere in these weeks the game will go from Alpha to Phase E which means more can be done in game. I am curious what will all be possible, and with my small $10 investment it is always worth a shot to see what this game will have in store for us

Happy space hunting!


A few useful corrections and additions to a great article:

  1. It doesn't take 240 seconds for the game to load. It is already loaded at that point. The 240 seconds are so that you can check out your crew, cargo, registration and station news from the bottom menu. If you click on dock, It will dock you immediately.
  2. I've running a Special Offer: Double your money back if you try eXode and don't like it for a while (and am likely to continue it for a while) -- so anyone can try eXode risk-free. Details are at the bottom of my post Economics & Rewards in EXODE and Splinterlands
  3. The ship's stats always include how much it can carry in terms of crew, equipment, cargo and passengers. The text tells about each ship's special abilities.
  4. The most important part of Origins is what faction they are. The major factions are Civilian, Criminal, Military and Scientific. If a ship has a major faction (or factions), it can generally only be used by that faction (Exception = Drachian Mantis). If an officer, crew member or passenger has a major faction, they can only be recruited by that faction. While what/who you can recruit is most critical, Origins also have special abilities.
  5. Character stats determine how well and, often more importantly, how fast they carry out specific tasks. Details on this are on the Evacuation Commands page of the wiki. There is A LOT of information on the wiki (and it would help if new players like yourself would tell us what you couldn't find so we can improve it).

see this is useful info!

I see now as well that docking faster is an option in stead of waiting the 240 seconds. And yes, this evacuation wiki really did help. Especially the hardwiring to the brain for the crew is useful to not have the attacks.

You need the full attention to work this man hahahaha

I think a key thing with the E version is that you'll be able to use your own cards in Evac.

I hope it's up and running next week, then again I'm sure I remember E version being promised 'within two weeks' about three months ago.

The game does look promising but these things always take longer than anticipated!

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hahaha so that is how it goes. :)

Well honestly it doesn't matter to me as yet as there is so much to figure out still. Did you get a good buy in into these cards? Or will it be a 'we shall see' ?

I think I've spent around $700 - mainly on the contracts. So I'm hoping it'll take off, excuse the pun!

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dude that is a serious amount..!

Should I see these contracts as form of crowdfunding? Or how does this work?

The contracts give you lifetime weekly drops of various cards - some of them are quite good - I've got several what I guess would be the equivalent of 'legendary' cards in splinterlands, and they just keep on coming!

Got three 'Kumichos' for example. Quite lucky there!

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are those contracts still a deal or has this ship sailed already?

sounds like a cool thing, and I can imagine that you are eager to see the game launch from this perspective!

You can still get them but you have to purchase them from the secondary market, i.e. from people who already bought them.

There's two syndicate contracts up for sale for $130 each - I think I paid $100 for mine (I got three) - so they're not too overpriced.

If you believe the game has a future, they're a no-brainer, but I honestly wouldn't follow my hunches!

It was the steem PD btw - free money as i see it!

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A solid post and a very promising game indeed, thank you!
It really does show how much potential the game has, but also how much is left for you to "figure out" on your own at the current stage.

While ver. E is still being worked on, the community is hard at work updating and expanding on the eXode wiki. It doesn't hold all the answers (yet) but it's a good place to check out once you've gotten a few games under your belt.

Thx dude!

Yeah I see why people would like this kind of game and honestly...I am not a big pro in all of these space colonisation thingies. I liked the card aspect in it as well, although exactly that aspect is still a bit of a mystery.

I see the amount of detail which is put in and that is cool to see. Will surely keep expanding my skills as well as experimenting with it.Curious about the future!

I love this kind of game and this one looks very interesting.

It is intruiging indeed! As said this is my first space game so I am not so familiar with it all as yet, but the gist is surely good

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