They Are Billions, the campaign.

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A couple of weeks ago my partner introduced me to the RTS/Tower-Defence game called They Are Billions, and I've spent my non-headachey days rather addicted to it.


As a rule, I tend to dislike campaigns in games. I'd rather just get into it and play it, since most campaigns are glorified tutorials that are completely unnecessary due to the nature of the games they inhabit.

Two Point Hospital, for example? Forced campaign in order to play properly. Pissed me right off. I have common sense, I know how to work things out. I don't need to play an elongated tutorial that slowwwlllyyyy teaches me that a certain room is used to treat a certain condition, and that a nurse is required for this particular room when it clearly says ON the room that a nurse is required.

Fun game at least, but damn, forcing myself through the campaign just to play my own personal hospital? So irritating.


Thus! When I first opened They Are Billions I was pleased to see that when I started a new game, I could play Survival mode straight off the bat rather than twaddling about in a Campaign.

However, out of curiosity (mostly because of people sharing an interesting looking map that was apparently part of the campaign) I decided to start the campaign to see if it was decent or if it was another elongated and unnecessary tutorial for something people have been able to work out since Age of Empires in the 90s.


Turns out that I'm pleasantly surprised!

Although the first level of the Campaign is a tutorial, the rest of it (so far) is amazing. At the beginning of the Campaign you choose one of two heroes:


Then you go forth to reclaim the lands from the zombified masses.

There are some maps where you build and play the game as in Survival mode but with clear objectives, and there are others where you take your chosen hero through abandoned ruins in order to find old technology from before the pandemic laid ruin to all.


Best of all, you get to use the technology you find to progress your playstyle through the campaign! Absolutely my favourite thing of the campaign so far.


I'm only about 8% through the campaign at the moment and I've done three Survival maps and three Hero maps, so I think that's pretty decent -- it's obviously sizeable and should take a fair bit of playtime to actually beat.

I'm really enjoying my time in it and I just love the fact that you can guide the progress of your future colonies, how you want them to progress. Don't want soldiers at all in your colony, just rangers and snipers? That's fine! Don't waste your technology points in getting something you'll never use, upgrade your rangers' damage instead.

So good.

As someone who usually can't stand campaigns, I think this is fantastic and I'm looking forward to eventually completing it. 😃



You can find it on the Steam Store here!


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All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: They Are Billions.