The Sims 3 ~ Let's Play ~ a legacy challenge, part two.


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During the first part of this Sims 3 Legacy Challenge we met Melody Hivebee and witnessed her ambition to become an exceptional novelist whilst working evenings at the local bookstore.

She had the good fortune to be promoted and finally added a kitchen and half-bathroom to her slowly-expanding home.

Today we continue her story.


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To celebrate her promotion, Melody woke up early and took a trip to the local showgrounds where a master magician was showcasing his tricks for a very small crowd.

The lady beside her seemed bored, but the man to her right was exuberant. He got right into each and every one of the magician's tricks and screamed for more, MORE!

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She couldn't keep her eyes off him and his exuberant displays. He was far more interesting than the magician and his show.

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The magician summoned fire from his fingertips and, mouth agape, the man looked right at Melody and pointed at the magician.

"Did you see that!?" he screamed.

Melody smiled. After the show, she was going to introduce herself to this excitable, young chap.

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The magician clicked his fingers and vanished.

A few random people appeared.

The excitable man Melody was gathering the courage to meet vanished alongside the magician.

Melody stood in place and stared around in disappointed wonder. What on earth had happened? Were they both an illusion? Where had these random people come from?

She sighed, disheartened.

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In an attempt to cheer herself up, she wandered to the local Spring festival held in the central park and spun several circles in the roller skating ring, lost in her own thoughts as she circled mindlessly.

Then, some woman appeared out of no where and grabbed Melody by the wrists, spinning her in a quick circle before throwing her to the ground.

That woman then vanished, also, as Melody sat stunned in the centre of the skating rink.

What the hell was going on today?

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Trying to bring some normality back to this weird day, Melody wandered over to the local library and whipped open the word processor on the conveniently located community computer.

She would have to write a story about this day. It was the only way.

As she type-type-typed, a man walked into the library with a newborn baby and placed it on the ground. He then sat down and started reading, ignoring the child.

That would go in her book too, she shook her head. Today was most certainly a day.

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The next day, Melody heard rumour of another show being held off the side of a cafe. Her heart leapt. Maybe her chubby, over-excitable, soon-to-be man-friend would be there!

Racing to the beach-side cafe, she stood and watched as the performer set herself on fire and threw herself to the ground.

How droll.

She looked to the left, then to the right, then behind her. The unknown man was no where in sight. She sighed, again, really loud so that the Gods could hear her, then sadly, slowly, walked to work.

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She arrived at work far too early but her manager didn't care, just shrugged and let her do her thing.

The hours passed by, slower and slower, until at least night hit. It was a full, foreboding moon. Most people would be frightened. Rumour had it that zombies pulled themselves out of the ground and devoured every garden in town but Melody wasn't afraid, no; instead she wished upon the full moon.

"Let me meet that cute, chubby man again!"

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The following day was Leisure Day, thus no-one in town was allowed to work. Unable to ease her mind with the dull repetitiveness of pricing books, Melody wandered to the museum and stared at the great works local artists had created.

The toilet in particular called to her and she stood there, admiring the porcelain throne, for a good hour before deciding she'd better get some fresh air at the park.

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Someone had left a picnic basket on one of the park benches. Naturally, she followed the rumble in her tummy and gravitated towards the full meal... only to be accosted by a magician.

Her eyes widened.

A magician! Was it the same magician who had made that chubby man disappear?

She interrogated him. Forcefully.

"I am not the magician you seek," he began.

"You will tell me who he is!" she shrieked.

"How about you go on a date with me. Tomorrow. And I'll tell you everything."

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The magician walked away without awaiting a response and Melody fist-pumped the air.

A date? Whatever! She was going to get answers at last.


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All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: The Sims 3.


wow what a crazy day, I was really shocked with absolutely everything that happened on your day and it's coming too! ended up quite interesting this part of the challenge, I look forward for more!


Well, there's going to be plenty more! 😅 May all my Sims days be as interesting as this one.


The sims 3 is the best game ever. I recently downloaded the sims 4 and it's not the same, I don't like it at all. I'm going to have to reinstall The Sims 3 because it really is the best of all.


It really is the best!

I tried the Sims 4 as well, and while I enjoyed it for the first few hours... it just left me wanting the Sims 3.

I think if they had made something pretty much identical to the open world amazingness of the Sims 3, but with the new moody, multitasking AI... it would've been great. All the Sims really needed was that new AI. Instead we got something that just felt like Sims Lite, or Facebook Sims.


Right, it bothers me that in adventure mode you can't interact with anything, you just enter through one door and exit through another and that's it....