Deadly Days: a zombie survival rogue-like.

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Yesterday, after two years of on-and-off agony, I finally had a very rotted away wisDOOM tooth ripped out of its socket.

Today, too frightened to even sip water lest I inadvertently suck out the blood clot protecting my jawbone, I tried to forget the dull ache throbbing where once there was a tooth and played a new game I got from the Built to Survive Humble Bundle.


Although the bundle includes the likes of Mad Max and Life is Feudal, both games I'd like to immerse myself in at some point, I decided to start off with the lone game in the $1 tier... Deadly Days, on the Steam Store here.


As the story goes, a great burger place, in an attempt to make their burgers more delectable, delicious and addictive, may have used one too many chemicals upon their beef resulting in all their customers transforming into zombies.

My mission, as leader of the very few survivors, is to break into all the burger joints around and discover where the head burger place is and annihilate the birth place of the zombies. Or something.

It sounds simple enough, but bear in mind that this is a rogue-like thus it's going to be a long time before we even get anywhere near the end goal. I'm struggling enough merely keeping my survivors fed.


Food is not plentiful at all.

I like to think that in a real apocalypse, humanity would have enough sense to grow fruit and vegies within their super secure bases, keep chickens and eat their eggs, or be able to scavenge a decent amount of packaged goods from the supermarkets (whilst fighting off other raiding parties or enemies or whatever), or you know, turn to cannibalism. There are options!

In this, we find maybe 1 or 2 apples per map, one apple for each survivor each day, and sometimes, very rarely, you maaaay be lucky enough to find 6 or so apples instead.

Mmm, apples. Wish I could eat an apple right now. Stupid tooth. Or lack thereof.


Each mission you send your survivors on has a few objectives depending on the mission-type you grab. Scavenge for things, find other survivors, loot a few cars, find airdrops, empty a supermarket or warehouse, or go explode one of the burger places so you can further your goal of annihilating the zombies.

I'm finding, as a complete newbie-noob at this game, that any and all resources are required and bugger the zombie burgers. I just want to survive for as long as I can and slowly unlock all the other things that may one day lead me to actually fulfilling the prophecy of Zombie Destruction.

As is the way of the rogue-like.


My recommendation to anyone else playing this game right now, who may also be a newbie-noob who has no idea what the heck they're doing...

Arm every single one of your survivors with rocket launchers.

It's the only way.


...until you reload too slowly and also succumb to a painful zombie death. 😁


Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Deadly Days


This really reminds me of Death Road to Canada (also a zombie survival roguelike, and in my opinion, one of the best in the roguelike genre). Have you played it?

Oh really? One of the best? That's good to know! 🙂 I've had it sitting in my library for a few months now but haven't tried it yet. Might have to open it up now.

Honestly, that studio (one solo guy, as far as I know) makes three of my top five favorite roguelikes. Wayward Souls is fantastic, and Mage Gauntlet (the spiritual forebear of Wayward Souls) is also really good, though not as polished as WS.

I was only recently introduced to the roguelike genre when I bought Rogue Legacy for my son, then Slay the Spire appeared in a humble bundle and really hooked me. 😄 Will have to have a look at Wayward Souls also!

It’s my favorite genre of all time! Make sure you check out Dead Cells and Hades, too! I should do some write-ups of these, probably. I spend most of my time over on the art side of Hive, but I’m super into my weird niche games!

You should! I'd love to read them and find more interesting games to play.

Hades is on my wishlist -- a friend highly recommended it just the other day but I wasn't too sure about the stylised graphics. I do keep looking at it though, waiting for it to go on special. 😅