Pimp My City 🌁 @VincentNijman πŸŒ† Xzibit Invokes Christmas Spirit πŸŽ„

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@JustinParke here with Xzibit once again, and we chose @VincentNijman for a Pimp My City 🌁 Christmas Edition πŸŽ….

πŸŽ… Ho Ho Ho 🎁 @VincentNijman πŸ™Œ

Β  Β  Β Vincent is a humble and dedicated Hiver full of positive vibes, and he recently asked me for some DCity tips because he recently purchased 86,000 SIM and is unsure how to spend it..

Vincent's Un-Pimped DCity 🏚️

Β  Β  Β Vincent is relatively new to DCity.io, and he's already off to a great start, but Xzibit found a few things he can improve that will put Vincent's city in a better position for future growth.

Β  Β  Β I paged Xzibit, and he called me back at the designated payphone across the street so we could discuss plans to pimp this city out. Considering Vincent's casino was robbed last night, Xzibit and I both feel there is certainly a crime problem.


The Pre-Pimp Stats πŸ“‰

PopulationSIM IncomePopularityEducation (21)Creativity (42)
Base: 266Base: 329246Discovery Chance: (21) 0%Background chance: 0%
Popularity Bonus 47%Taxes: -20%N/AN/AN/A
Total: 391Total: 260Total: 246Total: 0%Total: 0%
TaxesNew Citizen Probability (2 hrs)Training ChanceCrime Rate
Total: 21%Total: 12%Total: 12%Total: 22%

Vincent's Newly Pimped DCity 🏑

Β  Β  Β Xzibit's starting to get a bit familiar with DCity, but it was hard explaining to him that a blockchain can't be worn, but through our usual rap battle we determined that 1x Police Station, 1x School, and 1x Police Equipment would help prevent another midnight casino robbery, as well as help educate the local youths.

Β  Β  Β The crime rate has dropped dramastically and the youths will are learnin' mad science and numbers. Also, with unemployment now under control, there are no longer any financial penalties from this prior problem.


The Post-Pimp Stats πŸ“ˆ

PopulationSIM IncomePopularityEducation (26)Creativity (42)
Base: 268Base: 33616Discovery Chance: 0%Background chance: 0%
Popularity Bonus 49%Taxes: -20%N/AN/AN/A
Total: 397Total: 269Total: 259Total: 0%Total: 0%
TaxesNew Citizen Probability (2 hours)Training ChanceCrime Rate
Total: 21%Total: 15%Total: 12%Total: 16%

Here's The Keys πŸ”‘

Β  Β  Β Xzibit and I have limited financial means during this holiday season, but we work well on a limited budget. Some stats (especially crime because of the delay) may seem unaffected because we are working on a small scale and dealing with decimal points, but every little bit matters and is calculated into the algorithm.

Β  Β  Β Two very important statistics to note are that your SIM income is up 3.5% and your crime rate is down 6%. Hey, every little bit counts, right? Also, Xzibit decked out your police stations with some new equipment straight from Wish.com, so now your police mad LED lights and plastic binoculars to fight crime. The new school has a rap battle room where kids who get caught fighting can go roast each other until the hate is gone.

Β  Β  Β Enjoy your newly pimped city @VincentNijman, the police stations also have subwoofers in every detention cell, so I hope the innocent until proven guilty will enjoy their time a little more. Xzibit hopes your boys in blue enjoy the red and blue lava lamps as well.

β›„ Happy Holidays From Suriname!! πŸŽ„


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Monkey B


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Those lava lamps are awesome! Really bringing back those 80s/ 90s vibes. And those subwoofers... Wow! People are lining up in front of the prison. They are doing their best - with all kinds of petty crime - to be incarcerated but there's just not enough discotheques jail cells around.

Since XZibit visited, this city has prospered and its popularity has increased loads. I wonder if some people thought XZibit would become the new mayor?

Thanks so much, Justin! You're welcome to visit any time :<)

This was a great pleasure, glad you enjoy the lava lamps. Xzibit is really digging his new career as a "Pimp My City" advisor and sponsor, but he is still struggling to understand what a blockchain is and why it can't be worn on one's neck.

In time Xzibit will settle into this new role. Glad to help @vincentnijman, and a Happy New Year from Suriname. !ENGAGE 45

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I for-see an important role for sir @justinparke in the near dCity future :) Maybe it's time to try to get Xzibit to blog on peakd.com. Your people should contact his people to get this show started :)

Well...I've already given up the #HiveComic contest in favor of putting more efforts into DCity and related posts, especially "Pimp My City," which has become an obvious hit. I'll page Xzibit's handler and see what he thinks. !ENGAGE 20

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Maaaaan don't do this to me... I just joined dcity and spent a ton of hive on building up my city....the rewards look sweet but i feel like i just got myself into something dangerous :-O

Of course the whole blockchain is a risk as you already know, but I feel good shifting half of my HIVE assest towards DCity, mostly because I know gaming is responsible for much more of this blockchain's value than blogging. Splinterlands is still king, but I don't have time to actively play games, so DCity is hands-free enough for me to enjoy. !ENGAGE 20

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Oh this is actually a first I seen where whole family are interactive on hive.blog. Awesome post on dCity progress and best of luck to future growth.

Yes indeed, we are a Hive family, although my daughters don't post as much as I would like, they are still engaged, and recently have taken a liking to 3Speak and posting video content. Thanks for the kind words @mawit07. !ENGAGE 15

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Lol, I enjoy the humor in these. Tell Xzibit I said hi.
The improvement might seem incremental now, but it will prove valuable on a larger scale.

Little by little, I learned the hard way it's important not to let the stats get out of whack when things are small, because it will come back to hurt you when things scale up. I'll send my choicest messenger pigeon towards Xzibit to relay your greetings. !ENGAGE 15

And that principal can be applied to many other things in life.

Blessed new year to you and your family!

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